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1.项目名称:今日柚闻 :rocket::rocket::rocket:


“咨询” 应为 “资讯”

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Here is the English version:

  1. Project name: EOS Daily
  2. Project Description: EOS Daily is mainly for the Chinese market, and it is a news and information sharing platform, focusing only on EOS-related information.
  3. Main Features: Nnews feeds, EOS blockchain-based project analysis reports, forums, projects database, and more.
  4. Version: web, iOS, Andriod, Wechat mini-program.
  5. Team Members: There are already three full-time development engineers and one product manager. product operations and forum administrators are distributed, both part-time and full-time, and several community members are already interested in participating.
  6. Development schedule: It is expected to take 1.5 months to 2 months to complete the development of V1.0 version.
  7. @songjingjing is the initiator of this project, and also a member of Eden, he has more than 10 years of experience in the Internet, has a strong product operation and development capabilities, once involved in the development and operation of the project (the project is called Big Grandmaster), which has nearly 10 million registered users and the highest monthly GMV exceeds 10 million RMB.
  8. Goals: In the initial stage of development, the project will mainly target the Chinese community. At present, the Chinese community is not very friendly to EOS, there is too much hostility, on WeChat and telegram, many people are cursing at EOS, very unfriendly, this will continue to be bad for the reputation of EOS in the Chinese community, and it is also very bad for the development of the EOS-based project. In addition, the Chinese community has a lack of information about EOS, and there are many misunderstandings about EOS, so the Chinese community urgently needs to solve this problem. The project is launched to address the above issues. The project will be developed later to support multilingual communities.
  9. Current status of the project: The people involved in the project have basically expressed a clear intention now, but lack start-up funding. We hope we can get support from EOS Foundation, Eden and the community. Our goal is to make EOS great again, to change the hostile wind in the EOS Chinese community, to reacquaint EOS, and to make EOS take off again.

Keep these English versions coming, please.

No problem, @songjingjing asked me to write an English version, so I wrote one. If you have any questions about the translation of the Chinese content, you can directly @ me on telegram.


Sounds good and much appreciated. The more sharing of updates we have the better. Especially if made easy accessible and digestible such as this translation. We all strive toward a better future and the many even on a global scale.

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I like you name. :grinning: :grinning:

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thanks yeah 谢谢支持 敬请期待

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Thank you for your support. Please keep an eye on our project. Our project currently focuses on the Chinese community, and our vision is to change the current misunderstanding of EOS in the Chinese community.


ok thak you 谢谢你的翻译 辛苦了


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EOS needs support. This group is different and has many enemies. Although the future is difficult, believers are firm!


Thank you community members for your support.

Thank you community members for your support.This project was initiated in response to these problems.


初始beta版本已经开发完成,经济系统正在开发中,经济激励系统开发完成将会开放注册。app端目前也可以下载了。网址:https://eosdaily.ney 谢谢支持