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Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft Ⅴ)

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5. Why EOS

We mentioned earlier that if we want to build a fundamental consensus on the governance and development of the EOS community, it must be consistent with the greatest value and significance of the blockchain. It was also mentioned that the greatest value and significance of the blockchain is to create new wealth across civilizations. And the creation of this new cross-civilization wealth not only enables every community member to realize the freedom of wealth, but also the economic foundation for creating a more equal Garden of Eden. Therefore, around the big goal of creating new wealth across civilizations, we can unify the actual interests of community members and the long-term interests pursued by BM.

Once this consensus is reached, all of us should put the creation of new cross-civilization wealth and the enhancement of the wealth value of the EOS public chain first. Community governance and community development, including all kinds of rule-making and order construction, should be centered around this new wealth value. In this way, the impetus for community governance and construction is gained, the direction is clear, and even the path to advancement is clear. We can be united in one mind, to practice our consensus, to chase our feelings, and to realize our dreams.

Therefore, we should understand that the top priority of our community governance at this stage is not how to improve the technology, the rules, and the selection mode, but how to form a fundamental consensus, which is most likely to be maximized on a global scale. Fundamental consensus for recognition. With this consensus, we can begin to create the first generation of cross-civilization new wealth in the EOS ecosystem. Not only can community governance be launched smoothly, but EOS can also move towards the greatest public chain.

Many partners did not understand this and asked me: Topal, the big consensus you put forward is not unique to EOS. Any other public chain can have it. For example, ETH and DOT have higher market recognition and popularity. Even BSC Chain and HECO Chain are more popular than EOS. Since we want to do such a big business, we naturally have to choose the most suitable public chain. But why choose EOS? As know that EOS has broken the hearts of thousands of ICO investors. How difficult it is to restore the confidence of these people.

My answer is that EOS is currently the most suitable public chain for creating new wealth of blockchain across civilizations. To form this consensus, its conditions are better. Why, let’s make a rough analysis below.

5.1 EOS has the genes to become the greatest public chain

In this long article, I have repeatedly persuaded BM not to put his feelings and dreams first in community governance at this stage. But on the contrary, I recognize EOS and choose EOS. One of the most important reasons is that BM has such extraordinary feelings and dreams. “When I originally conceived EOS I envisioned a community based around the principles of life, liberty, property and justice for all.”

A soldier who does not want to be a marshal is not a good soldier, and a public chain that does not want to carry human hope is not a good public chain. BM, the founder of EOS, has the feelings and dreams of a community with a shared future for mankind. This is the gene for EOS to assume greater global responsibilities and build a greater global consensus. What’s more rare is that BM not only thinks so, but also builds the EOS public chain in this direction. At this point, he achieved the unity of knowing and doing. In this extremely impetuous era, this is almost a miracle.

BM’s thinking is different from Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin is thinking more about how to realize a truly decentralized blockchain network and make ETH a global distributed virtual machine, so that it did not consider the specific implementation steps and phases from the beginning. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is running blindfolded in a general direction. The advantage of this is that it is lively and explosive, “all flowers bloom together”. Everyone can show themselves in ETH according to their own preferences. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult to form a fundamental consensus on this system.

Since BM has previous experience in building BTS and Steemit, he has very clear implementation steps and phases for EOS from the beginning. Among them, the most representative and most controversial is the 21 super node architecture. EOS is not aimed at complete decentralization from the beginning, but along the route of multi-centralization-weak centralization-decentralization, which gives EOS the early development and creates the lowest entry barrier. And the most efficient processing speed makes the emergence of killer applications possible. This is obviously a more realistic and wiser approach. At the same time, if we really want to reach a fundamental community consensus, the difficulty of getting 21 super nodes to recognize will be much less difficult than that of hundreds of millions of people.

5.2 EOS greatly reduces the threshold for ordinary people to enter the blockchain

Good genes are not the most important thing. The most important thing is that EOS has greatly lowered the threshold for ordinary people to enter the new blockchain economy. It can be said that BM has made great contributions to this core point.

Both BTS and Steemit created by BM in the early stage are not only his own original models, but also super forward-looking. Its business philosophy and business logic will not be outdated for another 5 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that BM is a super genius in the understanding of blockchain technology and the future of blockchain. However, because he was too obsessed with his ideal realm, the BTS and Steemit created by him, although their concepts and models are very advanced, and even close to ideals, because their ecology is too complicated and their high thresholds are destined to be a blockchain game for very few people. This blow is very painful for BM.

Recall a painful experience. When building EOS, facing such an ecosystem that is far more complicated than BTS and Steemit, BM really exhausted its efforts on how to lower the threshold for ordinary users. Other public chains are considering how to lower the threshold for developers, and rarely consider how public chains can lower the threshold for end users. Only EOS has made great efforts in this aspect. It is not only that the user name is the address, the pledge replaces the gas fee, and the recovery of the lost password, but also that BM is still thinking about how to allow end users to freely update their secret keys and how to make the hardware bind their own identity for your digital assets more convenient and safer than cash. All of this reflects his comprehensive thinking in order to lower the barriers to entry for users.

Why do I regard it as the core element of a great public chain that greatly reduces the barriers for ordinary people to enter the blockchain? Because those who have the grassroots have the world.

Those who have the grassroots have the world. This is the greatest change and revolution taking place in this world.

No matter how rich you are, how resourceful you are, and how powerful you are, all you can provide is the consensus of one person. And even in the poorest areas of Africa, even if this is the consensus of a poor person who has no social status and can’t even eat enough, it is completely equal to the consensus of any elite in the world. That being the case, why we, the blockchain revolutionaries, have to work hard to get the consensus of those rich and powerful people. It is a thousand times easier for us to win the consensus of ordinary grassroots people than to win the consensus of a few elites. Striving for the consensus of ordinary grassroots people, as long as they can make money and stop being hungry, the consensus of thousands of supporters will rise.

Therefore, who can lower the threshold of the new blockchain economy, so that the most populous people on the earth can gather under a fundamental consensus, who can create amazing wealth that has never existed on this planet, and rewrite this All unreasonable and unfair rules and orders in the world.

5.3 EOS has a good user base in China and the Asia-Pacific region

EOS has already done it to lower the barriers to entry for the new blockchain economy. Next, it’s time to maximize consensus. And on this earth, where are the areas with the most people at the bottom? it is China and India. Who is the country with the most netizens in the world? It is China.

Those who win the grassroots will win the world, and those who win China will win the world.

Among the many public chains today, who can gain access to the Chinese market is undoubtedly EOS. Not only are the super nodes that are related to China account for the majority, more than 80% of the active users in the end user group are also from China. What’s more rare is that BM fully recognizes the weight of Chinese users. It is clearly proposed that EOS should be divided into two independently governed communities, namely the Chinese community and the English community. Although I do not fully agree with this division, it attaches great importance to Chinese users and is beyond the reach of any other public chain.

“The light of the mountain suddenly falls to the west, and the pool moon gradually rises to the east.” More than 1,000 years ago, the poem by Meng Haoran, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, could not be more apt to describe the changes in the world today. Western civilization is rapidly declining, while Eastern civilization is quietly rising. And China, as a representative of Eastern civilization, will play an unprecedented leading role in the future blockchain new economy. If any public chain ignores users in China and the Asia-Pacific region, it will definitely not be a big climate.

EOS has occupied the favorable climatic (big feelings, big dreams), geographical advantages (lowest entry barrier), and human conditions (China and Asia-Pacific user base). If it is not optimistic about it, who else can be optimistic about.