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Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft Ⅲ)

Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft) 继续讨论:

Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft)(2) 继续讨论:

3. Where is the greatest value and significance of the blockchain

In my opinion, the blockchain is the greatest invention of human society in thousands of years. No one.

The basis for this evaluation is that Blockchain technology can create infinite wealth in the internal world of mankind–the spiritual world, which can also enhance the spiritual world. Compared with the steam engine technology that can create rich wealth in the external world of mankind–the material world, which destroys the material world, blockchain technology is obviously greater.

Therefore, the greatest value and significance of the blockchain is to create new cross-civilization wealth in the spiritual world.

What is new wealth across-civilization ? It is the new wealth that was not and could not appear in the former civilization. For example, cattle and sheep may be the wealth of the primitive civilization of mankind. Compared with cattle and sheep, land, gold and silver belong to the new cross-civilization wealth of the agricultural civilization era. Because in the primitive civilization era, there was no technology for planting and breeding on the land, and there was no technology for mining and processing gold and silver. Therefore, none of them could become wealth at that time. Compared with land, gold and silver, the intellectual property rights and stocks belong to the new cross-civilization wealth of the industrial civilization era. It can be seen from this that in every new civilization era in human society, new cross-civilization wealth belonging to this civilization category will inevitably appear.

According to Toffler’s third wave theory. The first wave triggered the civilization of mankind farming. The second wave triggered mankind industrial civilization. Now, we are going through the third wave, and what will be triggered will be the information civilization of mankind. The information civilization he said is what we call the wisdom civilization. Whether it is information civilization or wisdom civilization, it describes the era of new mankind civilization. However, the cross-civilization new wealth belonging to this new civilization era. It doesn’t seem to appear. The mainstream wealth seen in the market today is still in the form of cattle and sheep, land, gold and silver, intellectual property, stocks and securities.

The greatest thing about blockchain is that it carries the mission of creating new wealth across-civilization that is different from the former wealth. which is its greatest value and significance.

Bitcoin is the embryonic form of the new cross-civilization wealth created by the blockchain. Together with ETH, EOS, DOT, and UNI, that could all be understood as developing infrastructure for the new blockchain economy. The ultimate goal is to create and distribute new wealth across-civilization better, more effectively, and more fairly.

For blockchain public chains, this issue is very important. If we don’t understand this, all our actions, whether it is public chain building or community governance and development, will be blind. It’s like a blind man riding a blind horse, and it’s entirely luck to hit wherever he goes. Once this cognition is clear and understood, our specific direction will be revealed, and the goals and objectives of community governance and construction will be clear and unmistakable. Only by reaching a consensus on this basis can we gather the maximum social forces to create a new society and a new world with new wealth as the economic foundation. In order to realize the beautiful feelings and great dreams of BM “More Equal Animals” Garden of Eden.

It must be admitted that in terms of mankind feelings and dreams, I and BM belong to the same category of people. Because of this, I have a deeper understanding of BM than ordinary people, and my belief in BM is more sincere than ordinary people. Moreover, I also believe that EOS has all the foundations to become the greatest public chain of this era. It’s simply that without the feelings and dreams pursued by BM at the height of mankind destiny, EOS would not be the greatest public chain.

Just like ETH, there is also a genius soul figure Vitalik Buterin behind it. Moreover, Vitalik Buterin also has his own feelings and dreams to pursue and persist. But Vitalik Buterin is young after all, so that his feelings and dreams are still relatively immature and relatively fragmented. BM’s field of vision is much broader. Moreover, these feelings and dreams have been systematized. Therefore, although I am also very optimistic about Vitalik Buterin and ETH, and I believe that after some time, ETH can also become a great public chain, but I am more optimistic about BM and EOS. so, I am willing to work with BM and partners in the EOS community to build EOS into the greatest public chain.

Back to the topic of this section that the greatest value and significance of the blockchain is to create new wealth across-civilization. Although everyone has never heard of this term before, I believe that everyone in the blockchain world has this feeling. Bitcoin is not just in such a new form of wealth, showing that incredible value charm to everyone who comes into contact with it. And it is only the embryonic form of new wealth across-civilization. Compared with gold in the real world, it is more appropriate to understand it as digital gold in the virtual world. But everyone knows that gold occupies a very small proportion of the value of wealth in the entire real world. In the real world, land, oil, minerals, intellectual property rights, stocks, and securities carry the greatest value of wealth.

So, in the future virtual world, what is the new wealth corresponding to this type of greatest wealth value? That is the new cross-civilization wealth created by blockchain technology. This is the most fundamental mission to be carried by the EOS public chain, and it is also the fundamental consensus that EOS community governance needs to reach.

However, what is this new wealth of inter-civilizations? Everyone still doesn’t understand. Since even Bitcoin is still in its rudimentary form, hasn’t the authentic cross-civilization new wealth been born yet? Nor is it. The manifestation of cross-civilization new wealth has appeared, and it is NFT which is very hot at present. But NFT is just a shell, which can contain both new wealth and traditional wealth. And the NFTs we see on the market now basically pretend to be traditional wealth. As for what the NFT with new wealth looks like, you can refer to our CryptoTree and “The CryptoTree White Paper”.

Because what this article wants to express mainly is some thoughts in-depth on the governance and development of the EOS community. As for the specific performance, specific creation, and even specific distribution of the new wealth of cross-civilization, we will have special time and space to discuss later. We continue to return to the topic in the next section.

( be continued)

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