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Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft)(2)


2. What is the fundamental consensus of EOS community governance

It is precisely because the fundamental consensus of EOS community governance has not been reached, Therefore, And so, if we ask anyone, including BM. can to express in one sentence: What is the fundamental consensus that our EOS community governance needs to reach? I think maybe no one can do it yet.

As we know that the United States, the only superpower in the world, was developed 400 years ago on the basis of a community consensus. This community consensus is the “Mayflower Convention.” If you want to express it in one sentence, you can summarize it as follows: we believers of God, voluntarily build a new order, and on this basis, build a new society (state) that can reflect the common interests of everyone.

It contains three-fold meaning, or it answers three questions.

2.1 Who are we (believers of God)

2.2 What do we want to do (build a new society with common interests)

2.3 What will we do (build a new order)

Contrast with BM’s community governance draft. We can find that in this draft, BM only answered the third question that how we will do it, but it did not answer the more important who will do and what.

BM mentioned in the draft that the first problem in community governance is to “determine who is in the community and who is not in the community.” This is actually the first question. What kind of people should the community consist of, and who should govern the community? The “Mayflower Convention” defines this very clearly and is a person who believes in God. But not others. The two conditions mentioned by BM are invitation and holding of tokens. This is the rule, and it still belongs to the third question. There is no answer as to what kind of people we should invite, those who want to make money, or those with dreams, believers in God, or believers in Marx.

Community governance is only a means, not a goal. What is the purpose of community governance, and the consensus should be clear . Is it to make money or entertain, or to create a new society, a new country. BM’s intention is to create a Garden of Eden that is more equal than the real society, which can be understood as a new society built in the virtual world. But without further clarification, it may be difficult to clarify. As mentioned earlier, most EOS community members are not interested in building a Garden of Eden, they are only interested in making money.

From this point of view, this fundamental consensus must take into account both the real needs of making money and the dream of a more equal Garden of Eden. It is equivalent to having both fish and bear’s paw together. It’s too difficult. But difficult does not mean impossible. In fact, once the cognition is established, you can have both fish and bear paws.

We might as well give a hypothetical conclusion first, and then reverse it.

Suppose that the fundamental consensus of EOS community governance is this: Those of us who are pursuing the freedom of wealth, unite to self-organize a community to create a new kind of cross-civilization wealth and build a new, more equal society.

2.4 Who are we (Those who pursue the freedom of wealth)

For those who pursue the freedom of wealth have no doubt about their motivation to make money. But since the pursuit of the freedom of wealth in life, obviously will not be satisfied to make a little money or make some quick money. But more consideration will be given to how to make money continuously and steadily to make more money. Such people, we can call them “believers of the freedom of wealth.”

For those “Believers in the freedom of wealth”,At least a man of faith. As long as they can see the possibility of making more lasting money and making more money. Will not reject feelings and dreams.

2.5 What do we want to do (create new wealth to build a new, more equal society)

This is the biggest cognitive difficulty, which will be elaborated later.

Here is an overview. On the earth where we live, the traditional wealth in the real world has long been divided up in accordance with established rules and orders. The 20% of the people at the tip of the pyramid share more than 80% of the wealth on the planet. We are at the bottom of the pyramid, the common people, who account for more than 80% of the global population. It is difficult to make more money, and it is completely impossible to realize the freedom of wealth on a large scale.

Therefore, it is certainly hopeless in the real world for ordinary people to realize the freedom of wealth widely. We must find another way to discover and create new wealth that is completely different from traditional wealth. The creation of new wealth that is different from traditional wealth requires the establishment of new rules and new orders for creation and distribution that are different from traditional wealth. And a new, more equal and better society has grown up in the process of constructing new rules and new orders. In this way, we have unified the reality of making money and pursuing the freedom of wealth with the feelings and dreams of building “More Equal Animals” in the Garden of Eden for free survival.

2.6 What do we do (build a self-organized community)

Only the two previous questions have answers, and there is a fundamental consensus on community governance. After entering the governance draft of the BM plan, everything will appear logical.

Let’s return to the fundamental consensus on community governance that I assumed, and how this came about. Is it just a hypothesis, or is it true. If it’s true, how is this consensus derived? To answer this question, a deeper and more fundamental understanding will be involved. What is the greatest value and significance of the blockchain? What is the greatest value and significance of the EOS public chain?


PartⅠ:Thoughts in-deep on EOS community governance and development (Draft)


Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll certainly take them into consideration.


You’re welcome. This is our common cause.
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