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The wallet is currently locked

Hi. I’m troubling with Anchor for several days.
I created EOS wallet on Exodus software and want the wallet to be in the Anchor. Exodus gives only one pair of Private/Public keys.
When I import through the first tab my private key in Anchor it gives me an error that it can’t locate an account. So the only thing I can do is to import manualy. So the finale scene - “The wallet is currently locked”. Please help. I need the Anchor for my work. I’m an artist.

I don’t have much knowledge on how Exodus works, but if Anchor cannot locate the account there’s a good chance that’s not the key to your account. If you use the Manual Import option there’s no guarantee it’ll actually work, since there’s no checks on whether what you’re importing is valid.

You’ll need the appropriate key out of Exodus for the EOS network. It will start with the number 5 and be around 51 characters long.