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The private key used in this wallet cannot perform the selected action

I have “watch wallet” on beos blockchains. I have had BTS in this wallet for long time.
I want move BTS to another wallet but I can’t.
I have this message.

I tried to change permission but receved the same message.
How to solve this problem. please help.

The “watch wallet” mode doesn’t let you perform any transactions, it just lets you watch the account from the Anchor interface.

You will need to go into Manage Wallets and click Import Accounts. Then, select to import an existing account and use the “Import via Private Key” option. Import the private key, and it’ll setup the account as a “hot wallet” (instead of “watch wallet”) and let you perform transactions.

Thank you for your help, but I didn’t solve the problem.
“Failde to locate an account”

I have only one private key, Do I need another private key?
In my memory, when I made the “watch wallet”, I didn’t need a private key.
I’m confused about what to do.

Public key of “watch wallet” is not same to Public key of “cold wallet” .
Does this have anything to do with this problem?

Watch wallets don’t require keys, you could setup a watch wallet for the b1 account to view their account if you wanted to.

No, you should just need the one. Did your keys change recently? If you look your account up on a block explorer, are there any key change actions that have happened?

One other thing that might be happening here is that the BEOS team’s APIs could be not working properly. We don’t control that, nor do we run our own servers - so if you don’t see any key changes on your account it might be worth asking the BEOS team if their servers are working properly.

I made this wallet in September 2019. I haven’t done anything since then. I only recently opened this wallet.
I think I should ask BEOS team.
May I ask you where I can contact BEOS team?

Thank you for your help.

Their telegram channel might be a good starting place:

Just beware on Telegram, there’s a lot of scammers lurking around. They will private message you and try to get you to share your private keys with them. Don’t respond and report them.