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The Journey of Redefining Human Work

We all seek to live a better life. A life full of joy, peace, friendships, meaning, love - for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. The global challenge we face as a human family is that not all of us enjoy equal access to the same opportunities to live such a life. What we need is Social Development Solutions that enable all of us to live our best life. Social Development is about giving everyone access to Personal Development opportunities. It is truly about transforming the lives of individuals in society so they can reach their full potential. Our society will only transform when we transform ourselves as individuals. Our world will be a better place when we all get to become better versions of ourselves and live better lives. If the way to Social Development is through Personal Development, the key to get us there is Human Work.

Human Work, rightly understood, is the ultimate Personal Development instrument. Human beings exist to grow, not to work. Work is the means through which we fulfill our lifelong mission of continuous personal growth. Work exists for us and for our growth and for the continuous development of humanity. Work is the most efficient way to grow humans. For work to truly achieve its inherent purpose, it should be organized and designed in such a way as to optimize human growth. When we feel unfulfilled it is because we don’t grow. And if we don’t grow it’s most likely because we are engaged in work that does not engage the fullness of our humanity. Meaningful work that fulfills us is work that engages us fully and helps us reach our human potential. It leads us to become who we are meant to be. It does that by engaging us deeply and tapping into our deep human abilities. Especially those of freedom, creativity and openness.

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new era of technological progress is upon us. This new Machine Era poses plenty of challenges but also presents new exciting Social Development opportunities.

Carmel is a Social Development Solution that offers a new approach to Human Work in this new Machine Era, enabling us all to harness the newly available tremendous opportunities.

In the Machine Era, where virtually every job is morphing into a tech job, the Carmel Way of looking at work consists of redefining how tech works - Software Development - happens. Carmel revisits the original (authentic meaning) central purpose of work, namely the growth of the human person doing the actual work - the worker, by orienting Software Development toward the ones doing the work - the Developers.

The Carmel Way taps into the Developers’ freedom, creativity and openness to unleash their full potential as human beings and empowers them to grow and transform into better versions of themselves.

The task of Redefining Human Work In The Machine Era is bigger than any of us - that’s why it’s a journey that belongs to every single member of the Carmel Community. It’s going to take all of us to pull it off.

Let’s make it happen.

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