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Take Nft Id after mint from another c++ smart contract

Hi to all. I have question about minting nft in eosio. In eos for minting using 2 function create for create collection (type, subcollection (category)) and issue for mint certains nft. Nft in certain smart contract determine with nft id, what it take inside function issue, usually, by available_primary_key(). Function issue not take it like parameter. And if I minting nft by function issue in something smart contract, I don’t know it id. But functions - transfer, burn, must to take nft id in parameters. How I may from my smart contract to take nft id for nft, what I minting in something another smart contract ? If in eos exist some standards and treatment for it ?

If I call from my smart contract function issue from another smart contract and process success, another smart contract minted my nft, but I don’t know yet it’s id for working with it nft after that.

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