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Suggestion To Have An Official EOS Public Chain Website For The Average User

If you go to eos.io, the only information displayed is about the EOSIO software. The website targets developers and businesses, not average users. At the moment there is not a single link I can show my friends and family about EOS. I have to explain what it is through chat, how to create a wallet, how to link the EOS account to the wallet, etc. This is what’s hindering EOS adoption. It is very difficult to onboard new people. The information out there is scattered and it scares off newbies and eos.io website is not very helpful. If we could have a great website where we can lead interested people to the EOS then it would make life so much easier.

I suggest the community’s most trusted custodians could run the website. Perhaps a DAO can elect administrators to operate it in the future.

The website must:

  1. Explain EOS in a simple manner preferably through a short video.
  2. Provide links to the latest version of wallets like Wombat, TokenPocket, Anchor, etc.
  3. Provide clear instructions how to create an account.
  4. Provide links to active community forums, telegram group, subreddit, etc.
  5. Provide instructions and links to buy EOS from exchanges.
  6. Provide a list of dApps and EOS projects.

Basically, the EOS website would look like an updated handbook for the average user.


That is what I want forums.eoscommunity.org to become. A site dedicated to EOS and a funnel into everything in the ecosystem.


Make forums.eoscommunity.org the early bitcoin.org website


This suggestion is very good, we need to act immediately


Can we have a better domain, such as eos.org?


Yes. A marketing page for average users :+1:


That’s great!

How can the community help with this?
Does the community just have to wait for the site to be accomplished?
Has the construction of the landing page already started?
Do we donate to hire developers?

I fear that we will again be in limbo just like what Block One is doing. The community does not know whether to act and build or to wait for more reputable people like you to make “official” infrastructure. Do we make an EOS community website or wait for Block One? Not everyone has time to spend and give for free. We can’t expect people to build a website only to be displaced by an “official” website. I think this confusion is what’s happening to EOS. Developers also hesitate to build because of the fear of being displaced. It’s very hard to put in words. As much as we want to be decentralized, it’s almost as if a leader that communicates the direction is essential to move forward. So do we do this together publicly or not?

Most of these already exist but I agree it’s convenient to have them available in a single place.

  • Explain EOS in a simple manner preferably through a short video.

There are a lot of introduction videos youtube and are easily accesible, here is a recent one posted by Exodus.

This website is an attempt to establish an active EOS community forum, Telegram groups can be found by typing EOS in the search bar in your telegram App.

  • Provide instructions and links to buy EOS from exchanges.

Exchanges already have guides on how to use their products.

  • Provide a list of dApps and EOS projects.

Hope you found this post helpful!

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Thanks for the links!

I have tried onboarding non-crypto people into EOS and from experience they become overwhelmed with links like “To create an EOS account you have to register on binance. Buy some EOS. Then generate a private key on bloks.io. Send EOS to the contract with the memo to create the account. Then download Anchor in this link. Then import the private key into anchor. Then stake resources to use dApps.” For the 95% of people, it is impossible to do it on their own without someone already knowledgeable to guide them. Even my techie friends need my guidance.

It’s very hard to find complete information in one place. The scattered information is making onboarding slow and tedious process of back and forth one on one chatting. If we could just send them a link and if they become successful using EOS in a few minutes then I think that would accelerate adoption tenfold.

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They always have the means of using a custodial wallet such as Wombat, who will manage all those things for them. There’s no denying that there’s a learning curve when it comes to EOS but once you’ve tried it a few times it becomes very straightforward.

The account creation process can be a nuisance if you do not have anyone helping you, therefore it’s always a nice gesture if you can provide your friends with an account and teach them how to set their own private keys. If not, there are a few providers that will do it for you in exchange for a small fee.

I’ve updated the post with the directory of links with a few account creation methods.

Great ideas, Kurt! Please DM me on Telegram: @energeosio

I suggest we should have a separate box or a category for Defibox on this forum like Clarion and Vigor. Defibox is a project that I think it would open a new era for the entire EOS ecosystem. Like the way, Uniswap brings the new air to Ethereum.
Token-economic development to solve liquidity problem should be EOS’s highest priority. I believe that Defibox can solve it.

We also need these categories like
“SUGGESTION” <= Where everybody can suggest any idea to improve EOS.
“USER EXPERIENCE” <= Where everybody can complain about EOS ecosystem. The user experience box is where a user interacts with and experiences a product, system or service. It includes a person’s perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency.
“EOS FOR NEWBIE” <= A box for education purposes. To let a newbie know everything about EOS basically. Everybody wants to start their own business on EOS but they don’t know how to begin and where to begin.
We need a basic EOS manual or EOS user guide. It also commonly called a technical communication document or manual is intended to give assistance to people using a particular system.

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I like where your head is at with additional forums. I have been meaning to try and find some time to add some structure to the forums here to try and create a better structure - just haven’t found the time yet.


Early April for mvp. We are working on it.


can someone please share the draft link

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Nice Website http://www.eoscommunity.org/. Just wanted to point out that there is a dead link to the forum.
Best regards, nod

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I have secured EOSMainnet.io which I am happy to donate



resolved thx for the quick fix