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Stupid question

I think I did something stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
I had some EOS on Celsius mobile app so I transfer it to Exodus Wallet I put in adress exodussingup or exodussingin i dont remember now :stuck_out_tongue: but something like this and this wierd number from exodus hm i can see it here but I dont know what I did heheh

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yeah I know I supposed to send 1 EOS but i forgot and sent 4 :stuck_out_tongue:
this is my metamask

Sounds like youโ€™re still trying to interact with your ERC20 EOS. That is a very old token (discontinued in 2018).
There are some ways available to redeem that EOS into todayโ€™s EOS tokensโ€ฆ I suggest you google around or hop into the EOS Authority telegram chat.

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