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Some words for new Defibox DAO members

:turtle: Firstly I’m here to congratulate you guys to become the new host of the defi. Just some warm/warn reminders here.

Previously though the centralized Defibox keeps some useful basic liquidity and added more functions successfully, it has lost lots of opportunities. Defibox fails to support most of it’s partners in terms of liquidity, and are gaining nothing from those “partnerships”.

Today the EOSDT/EOS and USDT pair has a high trading volume, the the pool is so limited that the 24hr yield can fly high up to 1000% APY. PLTC, PLINK, PMKR, PNT etc, once has a decent pool, and nothing left except PLTC, which I’m the only LP, and Defibox isn’t earning a penny from this bull market of it. Loopring is among the first project cooperating with Defibox and there’s huge pool when the price is $0.2, now it’s $2, and nothing recognizable on Defibox exist. Nothing fruitful between Defibox and Vigor protocol. I will see how thing goes on with the DAPP/EOS pair. Defibox provide 0 incentives for synthetics of Organix. During the age of centralized and close-source Defibox nothing has been done to all these pools, and simply let the liquidities dry out. So now BOX price is crawling like a stable coin together with EOS on the ground.

That’s it. I hope the new DAO will take care of this problem. The user experience of Defibox is excellent, but the ecosystem is far lacking behind pancakeswap and quickswap. Please don’t be stingy as B1, try to use the resources to build an ecosystem that will rewards you when the time is right. If nothing change then I can guarantee I will be among the first who dump BOX when it hikes.

I write this passage because I love Defibox. Please consider to change. Thank you for your attention.