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Some thoughts about EOSBEES

I have translated the EOS Bees’ white paper early this month and discussed it with over two-thirds of the Chinese EDEN members in small group meetings. Brings some ideas to the table.

All those listed below, are not speaking for all Chinese members of EDEN, nor does it fully represent my personal preference. Only for references and discussion purposes.

About promotion strategy

Prefer to focus on promote projects on EOS.

A user’s decision to join a blockchain ecosystem is primarily determined by the abundance, interest, and wealth effect of the projects on this chain. Users cannot truly be part of EOS ecosystem unless they use and enjoy the Dapps or Projects. (We are not talking about developers and investors here.) It would be better, then, if we spent our time improving the EOS-Projects marketing to allow users to find projects easier, find ones that meet their needs, and use them.

Preparation for promotion

  • Guidance for onboard users

We have to make it easier to onboard users, teach them how to use EOS, direct them to the DApps or Projects that suit their needs, help them enjoy EOS.

Some projects are providing such services or plan to do so. For instance. EOS user support by @rroland1 Chinese community also does the same, like Yoo’s Channel, JBB.ONE’s Guides…etc

Enhance user support may be a way to significantly increase promotion conversion rates. Because it reduces the entry barriers for onboard users.

  • Project library

All good projects on EOS should be listed and introduced. To make it easier for users to discover and experience.

  • EOS-related authoritative media

Since EOS doesn’t really have an official media. We need some media that truly represent the voice of EOS and EOS community. Deliver timely and accurate EOS-related news while maintaining a positive attitude.

Especially, for Chinese community, this is urgently needed.

As of now, mainstream Chinese blockchain media rarely report positive news about EOS; while the Chinese media under the BPs have low update frequency, terrible translation quality – filled with content inaccuracies, errors, and omissions.

Actually many users in the Chinese community create content spontaneously. The only thing left for us to do: recruit these people, organize, and arrange the content they create. So it is possible to create and disseminate information effectively and accurately with a low budget.

About distribution and assessment

A task-based distribution is more reliable and effective than based on people.

leaders (queen, princess or worker) post tasks → bees accept tasks → mission accomplished → claim reward (after proof of bee)

In addition, the token and task systems were discussed as practical solutions. Pay a one-time development fee to reduce daily management costs and provide more transparency. Take a look if you’re interested. For now, it’s just a draft, and only in Chinese.



Thanks for your thoughts!

Each Hive is independent in the marketing strategy they choose to employ as long as the Bee Code is maintained. Focusing on Dapps for promotion, having dedicated Bees for onboarding and creating a media product make a lot of sense for a Chinese Hive!

The task-based distribution model can work. You can even use some of the funds allocated to your Hive to automate it. For a manual strategy, issue, monitor and record tasks like you described. Then decide how much each Bee deserves to get paid based on the completed tasks. One of the changes in the White Paper from earlier this month, for legal purposes, is the company will make all direct payments to the Bees in the Hives. Sending a document every 2 weeks at Proof of Bee outlining the payment for each Bee and their eos account will suffice.

I look forward to speaking with you more about this :slight_smile:

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GracieLau’s constructive proposal is very helpful,I believe it will be a meaningful thing for ecological construction if @Jessethan and @GracieLau working together! goog luck!!

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At present, THE EOS Daily project I launched is aimed at the EOS ecology-related news consultation and the unfriendly attitude of the Chinese community. The project operators, information collectors and forum administrators will be recruited from community members and paid. Chinese Community Project: EOS Daily. Hope to get community support

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