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Sing transaction window doesn't appear automatically anymore

Hello everyone, the transaction confirmation window has stopped automatically opening for me. I reinstalled anchor, reset the settings, deleted the account several times, but still nothing helps. Maybe there is some setting in the program that will help? p.s. I logged in to the anchor through my ios, maybe the anchor thinks that now on ios is my main account and I have to confirm the transaction there, then maybe you can choose in the program somewhere that it is the desktop version that is the main one?


There’s some issues we’re trying to track down related to this.

Two things you can do:

  • Restart Anchor Desktop.
  • Log out of atomichub and then back in again.

Both of those things typically will resolve the issue.

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I tried both methods and didn’t resolve the issue

The issue where the sign confirmation window don’t open automatically is still there, any idea how to fix it?

Hrm, which browser? Next thing I’d try is using a different browser and see if perhaps that works. Something is blocking the path of that data if restarts don’t fix it, not sure what at this point.

i dont wanna bother to slip to sign when using anchor wallet. can i cancel the permission or skip the anchor pemission

I had this same issue in Brave browser. I was having to click “Sign manually”, “Launch Anchor”, etc.

I fixed the problem by deleting all cookies and stored data for the site which wouldn’t auto-open the Anchor dialog… hopefully that helps others who come across this issue.