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Sidra- Freelancing platform Proposal

Sidra- Freelancing platform Proposal

This proposal will create a freelancing platform built on EOS and governed by Eden to resolve disputes and apply contractual conditions.

For us to be more independent, this proposal aims to create value within the EOS community and support funding Eden by using the Governance as a Service model.

I’ve been inspired by a recent post by Brandon Lovejoy on TG for one of Dan Larimer reply

“ Focus on building an economy around a token. Supply and demand will guide the rest”

Key Points

  • The platform can offer a wide range of services such as (tasks, consultation, and part-time contracts)
  • Eden will generate revenue from charging a fee for every successful job & resolve disputes.
  • Anyone with an EOS account can participate (posting / submitting). However, some services will be limited to the Eden community where the requirement of trust is high.

Proposal details

EOS is on the cusp of unlocking multiple sources of funding and what better way to spend it than within the ecosystem and attract all sorts of talents to join. We don’t only need developers, we need all sorts of talents to contribute to our network to spur growth and success. Therefore, a freelancing platform is an ideal solution for most of the challenges that we are up against :

  • Community empowerment - more independent as a network and as individuals.
  • Sustainable source of funding for Eden.
  • Use EOS as a currency - reduces downward pressure on EOS token price.
  • Connect with freelancers - recruitment and reliable source of talent.

Category of services :

  • Smart contract Dev
  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • IT & Networking
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Design & Creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Administrative Support
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting & Consulting

Type of Service :

  • Service post: Users can submit the services that they can offer with clear deliverables for a fixed price.
  • Service request: Teams can submit details for their requirement with the expected budget and users submit their bids.
  • Consultation services: Users can offer their consultation service and their profile with an hourly charge, and the requester can book them based on availability.
  • Part-time job offers: teams can submit the job description with the working hours required and users can apply for it.
  • Survey and Market research: Teams can submit surveys to understand market response or to test their product and gain feedback while payment will be based on questions quantity and time required to conduct the survey.
  • Contest & multiple submission: A meme competition, or logo design competition for example.


  • All services should be offered in EOS, however users can choose to be paid in USD with a provision charge applied.
  • Payment conditions might vary from one service to another nonetheless the total payment should be transferred to the smart contract escort account.
  • In the case of dispute, a jury will be held by Eden representative and the charge of their time will be paid by whom the jury resolute to be guilty

Note: I’m not technically capable of developing this solution and I’m looking for team members to join and contribute with their ideas and skills so we can present it in the next election.

Feel free to join the slack channel