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Scatter is a pain point that should be solved

Aaron, has it ever been discussed obtaining the Scatter name and just putting the Anchor engine under the hood? I’m sure funding would flow to this idea. Too much of the community spinning around that drain and don’t know how much better Anchor is.

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It’d be a lot of work, but it’s something we have talked about. The idea would be to establish the ESR (EOSIO Signing Request) protocol as the “standard” approach to integrating walelts and apps. It’d be a project to get both other wallets (like Scatter) and applications (dapps, etcs) to make the swap and help improve the system through one unified approach.

I don’t know how much of that we could do by ourselves without a significantly larger team.


Even with the cooperation of the Scatter owners?

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I’m new here and maybe I’m getting into a thread that I shouldn’t, but I can’t resist giving my opinion. I’ve found the Anchor Wallet to be everything we need and easy to use and have found Scatter to be confusing and difficult to use. Why obtain something that is possibly nothing more than a can of worms?

It would be a lot of work, regardless of who was doing it.

Yeah - it’s very likely that it’d be a pretty big can of worms and not worth the undertaking. Especially when we have so many similar inside the technologies we use for Anchor.

It’d be like asking the Facebook team to take over MySpace (or something similar, I don’t want to insult either our team or the Scatter team by association to those companies :joy:).

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The value is the name, which is the only wallet so many community members know.