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Rich ecosystem = we need tools that provide an overview/alerts

TLDR: We need reminders :slight_smile: delegation/curation tools across various aspects of the DPoS chains. Tools for the newbies/lazy people. Tools that automatically warn their users that a migration deadline is coming etc. It’s currently too hard to keep up with stuff happening in this space and we’ve hardly even begun.

I like to imagine each EOSIO chain as a coral reef… an ecosystem sustaining a multitude of species (dApps) each trying to survive and thrive. dApps can move from one chain to another, to accommodate their survival. Whilst this improves the developer experience and increases the chances of success among dApp developers, the increased complexity can confuse end-users.

Concrete example: Onessus (HodlGod developers) have migrated their VOID tokens from EOS to WAX. This makes a lot of sense as their entire game depends on NFT functionality, which WAX does especially well. Point is, their EOS to WAX bridging of VOID tokens has a deadline that several people might lose sight of. This basically means that unless people migrate their tokens during the allotted timeframe, their tokens become useless.

How many tokens do we have in the overall EOSIO space? More than anyone can possibly count :wink:

People already have trouble keeping up with the number of projects as it is. Would it make sense to make a portal/calendar where we collaboratively provide important deadlines? Maybe the Wallet+ teams could incorporate functionality that automatically reminds users of important dates? We’d want dApp developers to provide this information and collaborate with the wallets.

Such functionality could warn about bridging of tokens, claiming of airdropped tokens etc.

I hope this makes sense to people.

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