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Reverse transactions

Hello all is there anyway to reverse transactions? any help is much appreciated.

Yes there are a couple of ways

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No, there is not any way to reverse a transaction once it’s irreversible.


Ok thank you.

Is it possible if you could look into my account to see what mischief I might have gotten myself into? I think I’ve f-upd somewhere

Sure, what’s the account name and on what network?

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It is therionx.gm thank you so much

I don’t see anything unusual on the account itself, just some activity on some apps. Is there something specific that’s not working, or what seems to be the problem?

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I no longer have access to my nfts on wax. I can see that they have been transferred to anchor wallet exclusive.gm but I don’t know who that wallet belongs to. I think I may have mucked up somewhere but I don’t know where. I never transferred them myself so really unsure what’s happened. I only use the anchor wallet on desktop but i also have anchor on iPhone that I’ve been trying to use and I think I might have tried to merge both accounts with the public or private keys I am so lost :disappointed:

I can send anything you would need that could help.

I’m not sure what happened, it looks like on July 24th your account (therionx.gm) transferred those NFTs to exclusive.gm. I assume that account is not yours? Do you remember doing that or anything else on the 24th? Did anyone have access to your devices that day?

If it’s not your account, then unfortunately only the owner of that account could transfer them back or access them now.

This situation doesn’t look like a typical hack sicne your keys weren’t modified, and judging by a claim yesterday for something called godsxlegends, you still have access to the account?

For future safety sake, if you want to use your owner key certificate, you can Restore the account and when prompted for how to restore, you can select “Reset all devices” and it’ll change all your keys. This would only protect you if someone gained access to your private keys by accessing your device.

I wish I had better news, but unfortunately I’m not sure I can offer much else!

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Could that wallet exclusive.gm be mine created through another app?

It could be, I have no way of knowing though.

You can look through your Anchor installs on your devices at the account lists, and see if it’s in there.

On mobile you’d click “Accounts” on the home screen and it’ll list them all.

On desktop you’d click the account dropdown in the upper left, and it would show in the dropdown.

In either case, if you backed it up, you’d have an owner key certificate for them printed/saved too.

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Could you please tell me what apps? and i have my certificate here with me if i restore with it will it transfer the nfts back if the other said wallet is associated with mine?

Sorry for all the dumb questions

If it’s the certificate for the exclusive.gm account, yeah - you can restore the account and then transfer the NFTs back to your other account (or just keep them on that account if you want).

If it’s a certificate for your other account, it’s not going to grant you access to that exclusive.gm account.

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Thank you so much for all the help you have given but i think it is now a lost cause.
Thanks again.

@aaron Hello,

Can you please help me with a situation that makes me sick to find out what could be the problem with the tokens I am dealing with? I don’t want to share personal information here, but I am painfully affected by this problem, and it seems like I don’t have enough skills/experience to solve this issue in the timeframe that I could survive.

I am stuck with the useless tokens that I invest in years ago. Now I am under some significant asset liquidation risk and I am trying to find out how to get rid of these tokens by bridging to the ETH chain which we were literally forcefully migrated by some nonsense actions years ago. Instar, Insight Network or whatever the heck it is. I am stuck and I wouldn’t touch a piece of it if I could manage to move them interchain. But these are useless because they don’t verify my profile for 3 years and keep delaying everything related to the initial investors which makes me feel that I am frauded in a decriminalized/professional way.

Is there any way of bridging these tokens back? Because even if I want to use the service, I can’t do it since there is not a single swap option in EOS and I am not verified. As a side note; I was an accredited KYC investor of this nonsense.

I wish I had an answer for you - but unfortunately I do not. We just added support for those things from the EOSIO wallet compatibility perspective and don’t have any additional information on how the chain and/or tokens operate.

Hi aaron

I need a little help again please

I am trying to login to a couple of apps with my anchor acc but it just keeps bumping me to wombat wallet.
Any answers will do

If you’re using the Wombat browser extension, just go into the settings of the extension and disable “Anchor Authentication” (or something similarly named). If you’re on mobile, I’m not sure there is a great answer besides uninstalling Wombat if you want anchor to respond to requests. Mobile devices don’t really give you the best chances to specify which apps you want to handle links like this.

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