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Requesting help testing patch to docker container [15 mins] (read this if you are a mac m1 user)

DUNE is the nodeos running in a docker container. Great for testing.

I put together some fixes for DUNE to run on a mac and run on m1. If you have a mac-m1 or a linux host can you help test? This will only take 15 mins. Requires docker. Steps below.

If test results are good I can submit the pull-request. I don’t have access to the different hardware/os combinations to test.

git clone -b mac_m1_wasm_runtime https://github.com/ericpassmore/macos-fixes.git
cd macos-fixes
dune --start test_node
dune --monitor
dune --stop test_node
dune --stop-container && dune --destroy-container
docker image rm dune