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Receiving Error Message when using https://bloks.io/wallet/

I receive this error message when I try to move eos with my anchor wallet. I also opened other wallets before trying to access my eos, does this change the private key each time.
I have original private key from registering my mew wallet back in the day and just accessing it now.
Many thanks,

Here is the error message

transaction declares authority ‘{“actor”:XXXXXX,“permission”:“owner”}’, but does not have signatures for it under a provided delay of 0 ms, provided permissions
I had opened a scatter wallet recently as well but couldn’t figure it out.

No, your private key won’t change unless you explicitly change it.

When you setup Anchor, were you able to successfully import your account or did you have to use the “Manual Import” process and force it?

The error you’re getting is saying that the key you are using isn’t valid for that account.

I also opened an eos authority. Do I have to disconnected from all the others for it to work? Please forgive me but I am totally confused on the eos system.
Here is my account name.

I am being allowed with the private key I have to open these wallets.

When setting up anchor I just put in the private key and it saw the account


Now I cant find my account with the public key, did I get it stolen?

Potentially, I just looked up your account name and it shows the keys were changed on August 16th.

Were you the one that changed your keys that day?

There are a lot of phishing scams going around where fake sites ask for your keys or asks you to sign a transaction - then change immediately and take control of the account.

I was trying to send them and I remember that code coming up, I went back in my browser data and couldn’t find anything on that date, I though I did it in September. I was able to unstake it after that?
Its likely its gone as I can’t access it anymore.
I have another account, with untouched eos from the ico and a private key. Can you direct me to a guide that shows the best way to do it safely?
Many thanks for your help.

It does look like someone unstaked tokens in September. I have no idea if that was you or someone else though - since this transaction looks like some sort of phishing attack:


I’m not sure I know of a guide that I can link you to directly, but I would recommend setting that account up in Anchor by:

  • If its a new install of Anchor, click Setup and select the blockchain.
  • If you Anchor already setup, click “Manage Accounts” in the account dropdown and select “Import Account” in the top right.
  • Click “Import Existing Account” and then “Import via Private Key”.
  • Input your Private Key into Anchor and it’ll display the accounts that key controls.
  • Check the checkbox of the account you’d like to use and import it.

You should be all setup to use the account at that point. Don’t share your private keys with any websites that might ask for it, and don’t approve any transactions you don’t know what they do. Keep that private key safe and you’ll be good!