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Receiving EOS in Wallet

Hi - I just wanted to check - is the receiving address for Anchor Wallet the public key which is found in the ‘view wallet’ tab? I wanted to check before sending EOS from an onramp into Anchor.

For EOS tokens, you actually send to the account name, not a public key. Give it a try with a small amount to test it to confirm :+1:

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Thanks - that worked.

Hi, I’ve had an anchor account for a few years now. I just bought more eos from an exchange. It’s been a few years since I transferred eos from an exchange so I am confused. I can’t figure out how to transfer the new eos on the exchange to my eos account on Anchor. Thanks for any help.


Transfers in EOS use your account name, which is the 1-12 character name associated with the account. No addresses involved like so many other chains.

Even if the exchange says “address”, you’ll use the account name. Give it a try with the minimal withdraw amount to test it out!

I am also having trouble receiving into Anchor Wallet (connected to my Ledger hardware wallet).

I have EOS tokens that I purchased from my Coinbase account that I want to transfer to my Anchor Wallet, but when I try to send them from Coinbase to my 12-character EOS address then I get the following Coinbase error message:

Your send failed
Please enter a valid email or Eosio address

I am new to EOS and don’t know how things work yet.

I paid to create an EOS account using Coinbase Commerce which redirected me to https://eos-account-creator.com/choose/, after which I successfully transferred a small amount from my Coinbase account to my EOS account.

However, I get the previous error message when I try to transfer my remaining EOS balance from my Coinbase account.

I have tried several things to transfer my EOS tokens from Coinbase to no avail.

For example:

  • I have tried “staking” some of my EOS tokens (from my initial successful transfer) to both CPU and NET, but this did not allow me to transfer my EOS tokens from Coinbase. I don’t understand what “staking” means yet.
  • I next tried to “Rent via PowerUp (1 day)” using Anchor Wallet, but this also did not allow me to transfer my EOS tokens from Coinbase (I got the same error message).

I read in the EOS FAQ under “RAM, CPU or NET problems” that “staking” is the old way, and “EOS PowerUp Model” is the new way through something called ResourceEXchange (aka REX), but I don’t have a mental model yet of how to manage my EOS tokens.

For what it’s worth, I purchased EOS because I was inspired by Dan Larimer’s interview with Mike Maloney. I read Dan’s book “More Equal Animals” and decided to try to engage with the EOS community and am still getting my feet wet.

Can someone can help me understand how to transfer my EOS tokens from Coinbase to my own Ledger private key that I control?

Were you able to import the account into a wallet (like Anchor) or how are you managing it?

You shouldn’t need to do any staking/powerup or manage any resources to withdraw from Coinbase into your actual EOS account. All that should be required is using the correct 12-character account name during the withdraw, and Coinbase would be handling any of the resource requirements since they’re the one performing the transaction.

Thank you for replying to my question.

The problem was that I was trying to “Send all” from Coinbase.

I was finally able to send most of my EOS tokens to my private wallet once I reduced the amount of EOS tokens that I was trying to transfer (I left approximately 1 EOS token on Coinbase).

I don’t know why this should have mattered.

Now I can start participating with my EOS tokens.