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React Components for EOSIO

Our team has used ReactJS as the main front-end library for developing User Interfaces (UI) for EOSIO projects. We love that React is written in JavaScript and the component logic that allows for easy re-usability of front-end features across multiple projects.

We have isolated some of our favorite components in an open-source collection of React Components for EOSIO meant to make UI development faster and easier for anyone in the community that is also using react. More than a dozen EOSIO components have been published for developers to use.

For example we developed a component that renders ricardian contracts directly from any EOSIO blockchain for users to easily read in their browsers.

All EOS community members are welcome to use these components as well as provide any feedback and contributions in the following GitHub Repository.

Happy Coding! :nerd_face:


Same goes for VueJS :wink: