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Question about backup

I created my wax anchor wallet using two sets of keys(2 for active, 2 for owner). But I forgot to save them after creating the wallet. Now If I go to Manage Wallets - View wallet and save the private/public keys that are there, can I recover my account if something happens to my computer, etc… ? Or can I recover it if I take a backup JSON file and store it in USB? Thanks in advance

Yeah - the JSON backup file does contain all of your keys and is encrypted using your wallet password.

You could also take the keys you have and export like you said as just raw text, which is also a good option in the event for whatever reason Anchor doesn’t work in 10 years or whatever.

Are all 4 keys you created still in Anchor? If so, you should be good to go so long as you back those up.

Thanks for the fast reply.

No I only have 2 keys on my anchor, the other ones are probably somewhere in wax.bloks.io…I will just create a backup using JSON and write down the keys just in case. I got scared out of nowhere, your reply calmed me down :grinning: thanks again

bloks won’t have any of your keys, despite what the UI makes it look like. I’ve seen a lot of people get confused by that interface thinking bloks has access to your keys.

If you only have 2 keys out of 4 keys, make sure the ones you have at least one of the owner keys.

If you only have the active keys, it might be best to make a new account so you have a backup of the owner key. Since you have the active key, you can fully lose the account, but you’re missing that piece of mind having the owner key backed up for recovery.