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Push transaction without cleos nor eosjs

Is there a way to push a signed transaction via CURL or WGET or something similar? I can’t use cleos, nodeos, nor eosjs, because I can’t exec anything in the environment I’m working with.

I’m trying to understand how to sign a transaction and push it via CURL. Once I understand those steps, it would be really easy to do in any programming language, but I haven’t found any documentation other than “use eosjs”.

Thank you very much.

you should move this question to https://eosio.stackexchange.com/
Better chances of an answer there.
Another place to consider is the eos developer telegram channel, but even if you get a good answer there, it is still better to document the question and answer at https://eosio.stackexchange.com/

This ended up being discussed in the EOSIO Developers telegram channel. Relevant discussion starts here: