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Projects building on EOSIO Open-Source Software

Dear All,

If you are building on EOSIO, no matter how big or small, and would like to share your project details you can let us know here and we may invite you to be included in an EOSIO projects directory hosted by the foundation at a future date.

The information collated will also be helpful for the foundation’s Cloud Seeding Grants project.

You can find an introduction on the EOSIO Foundation website.


This is JBB.ONE team. We‘d like to share some information about our project.

● About what we do
Our team believes that, with web 3.0, the exchange of any asset that is of value to individuals can be exchanged as quickly as information.
We aim to provide a platform where a closed-loop economy is obtained through the coordination of users.
We provided a blockchain-technology-based solution for pure distributed cloud gaming that comes with a supporting platform, serving publishing, publicizing, trading, and socializing functions. Moreover, through the token-based incentive system, boundaries between creators and players shall be removed, and everyone can hop the co-creation with no prerequisite.
Through providing web portal, where users gain gaming info, co-creation platform, which embedded with game engine, and a forum, where users discuss and digest what they’ve experienced, what we offer is not only an economically closed loop, but vivid enough to be an ecosystem where inner recycles can be formed.

● Our next step
One of our projects under development, which may be of your interest, are seeking for opinions and advices, is that we consider to construct compatibility layer for EOSIO / form direct mapping onto EOSIO from other public chains to realize the cross-chain liquidation of platform token and NFT, and to achieve mutual complements in performance and function.

● About our team
We are a small team that came together with a highly consistent vision of the distributed cloud gaming and we have been fully dedicated to our project.

We certainly believe, with its great advantages in performance, EOS ecosystem will approach perfection with multilateral efforts. We wish to communicate with other teams that work on EOS ecosystem, and we are looking forward to further cooperation with EOScommunity.