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Private key is not recognized on Grey Mass /Anchor or Simpleos

Hi, I registered my EOS ERC 20 Tokens to the mainnet at launch since then not touched my tokens. At the time I generated a public and private key and user name. I am trying to import my private key to unstake my tokens using Anchor/Simpleos but my private key is not recognized. Please help guide me to freedom

The first thing you could try is the Key Validator in Anchor, it’s under the Tools section. You can put in your private key and it’ll show you the associated public keys, which then you can compare to what’s shown on the block explorer for that account to see if they match up.

I don’t have a ton of experience with the ERC20 process, but if you’ve never accessed your account and your key isn’t working, you can always use the lost key process using your original keys. The EOS Authority team has been leading the charge on that front since genesis, and generally I’d advise users to start here: