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Please help me with the lock system make me mistake.

I set the security system to maximum.

I am the owner of a real account.

I couldn’t print 28 keys in time.

I have 6 encryption keys

What proof can I send for minemonic key?

The system doesn’t let me scan my finger.

I can’t enter the program.

In my pocket I have my partner.

please help me

In it are the property of 16 partners.

I’m in a bad time


Without the owner key certificate and the 6 additional words, there’s no recovery of the owner permission. Once that process is complete the owner private key is deleted from your device for security purposes.

Anchor holds your active permission on the device, but if you set it to the maximum security, it’s encrypted by the device and Anchor can’t even read it directly. iOS and the secure enclave are protecting it even from our app.

I would recommend you try to get it to recognize your finger/biometrics, since that’s the only thing that can unlock that key.

One thing to note - if you had a PIN code set on the device at one time and then removed, it make sure you go back into the OS settings and set a new PIN code.