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PIZZA.FINANCE and Its Recent Updates

PIZZA.FINANCE is an EOS based lending platform (or more specifically, pizza.finance/lend), the contract is audited by Peckshield.
We also provide a swap aggregator that integrates DFS, BOX, ROME, PIZZA and DOP SWAP.
The USDE stablecoin section was our first attempt on EOS DeFi, though the recent focus is mainly on the Lending (more upgrade will be added to USDE later this year).
PLVT is our first attempt on decentralized leverage. Similar to USDE, it’s too time consuming to maintain multiple project at the same time. USDE and PLVT are likely to be combined.

Glad to have this self-introduction here. Welcome to ask questions, or offer your kind suggestions.


Several functions are on the road map,

  1. pizza flash loan.
  2. margin - (automatically create a leveraged buy when user deposit)
    for example.
    users add EOS, borrow USDT, buy EOS, deposit back to PIZZA as collateral.
    All in one hit.
  3. DFS integration. So far DFS doesn’t allow liquidity providers to withdraw their LP tokens. In this case, users won’t be able to utilize their LP assets as collateral. PIZZA will provide a convenient tool to fix this pain point.
  4. A stable swap. We created a blueprint for this product in early Feb. The algorithm is inspired by curve.fi but in the meantime, a bit different to curve.fi and needs tons of testing and validation. We expect the beta version to go live in late April.

Pizza is delicious.
Good job.

If DFS integrated PIZZA , PIZZA will booming!!!

pizza is going to the moon!!!