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Owner Key Cert Is Wrong?


I created the owner key cert last night and saved that/the code words. Today when I tried to relog into the account on anchor it said it wasn’t the correct key. What should or do?

What kind of device are you using Anchor on - iOS, Android, Desktop?

Hello! I am using an IOS! I made the key before I tried to re logged and now it says “owner key has been changed, certificate no longer valid”

Hello, I have the same error. I made waxp account using anchor to connect with atomic marketplace. I had $5 in waxp sent to start my account. I then transferred my nfts.

I get this screenshot when trying to login with anchor’s recovery portion on a PC.

And I get this screenshot when trying to login with anchor using atomic marketplace and the QR code function with my mobile phone with anchor. Please help, don’t want to lose my first experience of NFTS in a wallet that seems to be forever locked out.