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Old Scatter Wallet recovery / migration

Hello everyone !

I got a new computer and am trying to get access to my funds. i have a few old .json files from scatter version 10.1.2. and 11.0.0. and a 12 word passphrase. i tried downloading the old scatter versions from their github, Unfortunately the 10.1.2. scatter wallet always spits out “Bad Password” while im pushing in the 12 words (with a space in between).

and in the 11.0.0. version i cant find no place to enter my 11.0.0. json file.

Anyone got any help or tips for me? If you know of any other wallet i could gain access to my funds with the information i have i would also do that.

Cheers !

I would recommend you import your blockchain keys (not your 12 word scatter phrase) into anchor wallet by greymass. https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/anchor-wallet-where-to-download/24

Dude this worked, got all my coins back. Thanks very much !

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Any idea what to do when I can access my Scatter wallet but it won’t generate my private keys to use in Anchor?? My funds have been stuck in the wallet for months now…


I believe you need to go into the wallets/accounts section, and there should be an option to export the private key. Once you have the private key, you can import that account into Anchor using it.

Hi Aaron
I’m wondering if you can help?
I’m trying to setup an Anchor wallet for EOS, but I am having trouble with my keys. I have a desktop version of Scatter, that I was previously using. When I open this wallet my Account name shows correctly and if I go to “Manage my Keys” my Public Key is the same key I recorded years ago, and if I Export keys, it shows me my Private Key, also the same as I recorded years ago. This Private key however, does not work with the Anchor wallet. I receive the message “Failed to locate an account - The account name or public key could not be found”.
If I go to bloks.io and search for my Scatter public key, I receive the message “EOS Account not found”. If I search for the Account Name, bloks.io shows my account with all the details as per my Scatter wallet, but with a different Public Key.
I do not recall changing my keys and I cannot find a private key that corresponds with the “new” public key shown on bloks.io As a note, the “new format” and “old format” shown on bloks.io are both different to my old public key still used by Scatter.
I did download EOS Voter in 2018 and if I open it, it is asking for my private active key, which it’s is expecting the private key to match the new public key now shown on bloks.io

I’ve also tried to recover the account using eosauthority.com and Lost Keys, but under “Reset your account key:” is says “This account has been used”.
I have not yet tried to send any currency from my Scatter wallet to an exchange or another wallet, because I would rather get a little advice first.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you look through your account history on bloks.io, do you see any updateauth actions?

That’s the action that changes the keys to an account. It should be able to tell you if the keys were changed at some point and would be the first thing I’d look for.

Thanks Aaron
I’ve identified two Update Auth actions on the 16 September 2021:

  1. set the permission owner to have the authentication
  2. set the permission active with the parent permission owner to have the authentication

Coincidentally, the timing of this appears to be 20 minutes after a download of simpleos-1.0.5.dmg was saved on my computer.
I do remember downloading Simpleos at the time, because I was having trouble with Scatter and EOS Toolkit, but I don’t remember changing the keys.
If I open Simpleos now, the account appears to be normal, with the correct amount of EOS coins and other airdropped tokens, but when I try to perform an action, no pop ups occur, for example: “view private keys” no secondary window opens. Or “Set Stake” no secondary window opens.

I’ve also just identified a transaction immediately before the “update Auth” actions:
"signup: “Free resources from Block.one!” which would appear to be a scam. And I wouldn’t normally accept or authorise anything like that. But I also wasn’t using Simpleos prior to that and I’m now wondering if I inadvertently accepted the action.

Nothing appears to have been moved from the account.
I have just tried to send a couple of EOS to an Exchange wallet, but as with previous action attempts on Simpleos, no pop up window opens to accept the transaction.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done, or if the EOS and the account is lost forever.
Thanks again.