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Old Scatter Wallet recovery / migration

Hello everyone !

I got a new computer and am trying to get access to my funds. i have a few old .json files from scatter version 10.1.2. and 11.0.0. and a 12 word passphrase. i tried downloading the old scatter versions from their github, Unfortunately the 10.1.2. scatter wallet always spits out “Bad Password” while im pushing in the 12 words (with a space in between).

and in the 11.0.0. version i cant find no place to enter my 11.0.0. json file.

Anyone got any help or tips for me? If you know of any other wallet i could gain access to my funds with the information i have i would also do that.

Cheers !

I would recommend you import your blockchain keys (not your 12 word scatter phrase) into anchor wallet by greymass. https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/anchor-wallet-where-to-download/24

Dude this worked, got all my coins back. Thanks very much !

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