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Notice: July 1st, 2021 we will be shutting down the Fuel v1 API endpoint

We wanted to give some advanced notice of this change, so here it is. On July 1st we are going to stop processing Fuel-related transactions on the Version 1 API endpoints. Fuel will continue to operate on our newer Version 2 API endpoints, which most people and apps are already using.

This post is mainly to give advanced notice that we’re shutting down the old version in favor of the new one.

This may impact your app if you are:

  • Using a really old version of Anchor. If you upgrade to a version 1.2.x or above, you’ll be fine.
  • Using a really old version of UAL or anchor-link (our SDK). Upgrade your dependencies and it’ll work.
  • You wrote a script to use Fuel, included the AuthorityProvider, and then are calling /v1/chain/push_transaction with partial signatures - you’ll need to use the new method as outlined here.

Questions? Feel free to ask.