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Not possible to change the @active key

I tried to change the Keys for @active from a Ledger controlled Key into a “normal” Key (not Ledger controlled) for my EOS and for my TLOS account.
I tried in Anchor and also on bloks.io. The settings for contract data is on, the Firmware from my Nano S and the EOS App is the latest.
On bloks.io I logged in via Anchor or with my Ledger as @active or @owner.
Always it wasn’t possible to change the Permission for @active.
If I do any other Transaction, it works.
Any idea what I can do?

This is the message when I try via Anchor (contract data are already on):

This is the errore when I try to change the permission in bloks.io:

Problem solved!
I found the solution in an other post in this forum: