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No Signature Returned: When Voting for Telos Board Members

Hi everyone,

I’m using the latest version of Anchor Desktop on Linux Mint to vote for the Telos board members on this site → app dot telos dot net /trails/ballots

After selecting the board members and submitting I see “Error Signing Transaction”. I have tried from two different web browsers and I have no problems voting for block producers on telos.bloks.io.

I checked the Chromium web console and see the error:

X POST https://telos.greymass.com/v1/resource_provider/request_transaction 400
Skipping resource provider: No signature returned from resource provider.

Any help would be appreciated!

This unfortunately is unrelated, and just a notice to the developer/user that the transaction wasn’t being covered by Fuel.

I think you’d be able to find the actual error in the browser’s developer tools, specifically in the network tab. Look for a call to v1/chain/push_transaction, and then find the Preview of the Response from the API. Digging into this error and expanding it should give you the real error.

Ideally whatever error is buried in there would be surfaced up through the app you’re using. Unfortunately that requires some significant effort by app developers and many haven’t proper implemented it.