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No Private Key E-Mailed

Hi there,

I have made 2 Anchor WAX accounts over the past 2 days (bedogo & carryzer0) and the private key sheets did not arrive in my email. This means that I am not able to import them in the desktop app which I absolutely need to do. So, essentially, I never received the private keys for my accounts. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this?

Many thanks,


correction carryzero on the second one

The Owner Key Certificates (the “private key sheets”) aren’t ever emailed, unless you’re the one that emails them from one of your devices to another. During account creation, Anchor prompts you to print or share the Owner Key Certificate…

  1. If you print it, it’s sending the certificate from your device to your printer.
  2. If you share it, it’s sending the certificate from your device to whatever you share it with.

If you picked the Share option and selected email - I’d go check the outbox of your email app, since Anchor is just using your mail client to email it somewhere.

Also just as a backup, if you go into the Accounts section of the app - depending on which OS you’re using and the options you selected, you should be able to export the actual private keys for the active permission (not owner permission though, that’s the certificate). You can export this manually and import it into a desktop wallet.