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NFTs on EOS Mainnet

NFTs are experiencing mainstream adoption as the world begins to recognize their utility and potential.

Post the best NFTs you’ve seen on EOS here, what kind of NFTs would you like to see on EOS?

https://eos.atomichub.io/ is a great place to find them.


These are great, created by Lars K and EOS Detroit! AtomicHub - Interface for the EOSIO AtomicAssets NFT standard


What happened with the NFT protocols shared in the past?

I remember one from Mythical and another one from CryptoLions.

dGoods from Mythical still exists but seems to mostly be used in their projects, I haven’t seen it adopted much on EOS.

Simple Assets is adopted and used on the simplemarket

But to me it seems like atomicassets and atomichub.io has the most activity and traction.


Voice will have NFTs.

We missed out on the deFi train. We have to get on this next NFT train.

A common marketplace for NFTs is what’s needed.

The band of Montreal has an NFT for bid on ethereum. They said they were not aware of the environmental costs and they won’t make another one until/unless an environmentally friendly alternative is invented.

any Ideas on how to contact them?

I responded to their email. Other than that, no.

I personally see NFTs on EOS as the future of crowdsales/crowdfunding for games. With the low fees and very few technical limitations, we can position EOS completely differently from other chains and thus address a completely different target group. No normal gamer who wants to participate in a crowdsale to fund a project he likes would accept the fees that exist on other chains. On EOS they could benefit from all the advantages of decentralised systems without having to live with the disadvantages other chains have.

Combined with the possibilities for on-chain gaming on EOS (or EOSIO based chains), one of our main target groups should be the gaming scene.


Personally, I’ve been working with a small Team of 5 for more than a year on an EOSIO-based space game (completely on-chain, no need for central servers, contract currently has 28 different actions and more to come) that will be deployed on EOS, among others. We will start a crowdsale in the coming months to fund the rest of the development and sell In-Game-Assets with Real Utility.

I don’t want to say too much at this point but here is an example of how the NFTs we will sell will look.


Ok, just a mini-teaser:
ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)


This looks amazing, I look forward to trying it out.

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Been thinking about how to get involved as a traditional artist. I also want to help other artist who are not following blockchain technology. How to use and then teach other artists how to set up an EOS account is an additional step.

I won’t be surprised if Instagram and other platforms try to integrate easy centralized solutions.

Open to any advice on best practices. I would vote for that type of guide to be accessible on the new homepage.

Thank you very much Dan :relaxed:!

We have all put a lot of passion, love and hard work into the development and are eager to implement the rest of our visions and bring something never seen before to the community.

We are doing some pretty cool stuff in the contracts that has never been done before in a smart contract. There are galaxies that grow randomized procedurally like in nature (based on the logarithmic spiral), we use one-dimensional multi-index tables two-dimensionally to be able to do calculations in the cartesian coordinate system ( to send a ship from point A to point B for example).

But the most important part is a “planet mesh generation template engine”. We can theoretically put an infinite number of different “planet type templates” onto the chain and when a planet is created, a procedural algorithm within the contract is fed with the different arguments of a random template and a hash and generates a binary representation of the 3D mesh of the planet. This binary representation contains 320 fields of different height and type, which together form the mesh and allow us to implement various other logics such as where on a planet what kind of building can be built and what resources can be mined there etc. - and the mesh itself consumes only 160bytes per planet. Together with further information from the template (colors, environment, etc.) the complete visualization is then created in the frontend. These planets will also be tradeable as NFTs.

I could go on for hours but I’ll leave it at that.


You should take a look at what https://pixeos.io/ does and maybe join their tg-channel for other information. From what I know they are working on something NFT-related with traditional artists as their target-group.

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Spotted this on AtomicHub, from Dan the man himself!


Have been working on TestaMint.net and are deploying the platform today. Would love to interact with anyone working with the dGoods standard or NFTs in general. #Shuwatch

Hi I would like to discuss this idea with you, what’s the best method of contact?
Are you an EDEN Member?

NFT early landing attempt is game. Based on block chain technology NFT can record players within the game state and achievements, save the game to obtain a list of items, such as weapons, power, vehicle, roles, etc. NFT can ensure records do not tamper with the seamless transfer, ensure ownership verification and authenticity of the items. Items at the same time, the games also can be designed into use across games, or make it has a certain exchange value! Traditional games of the problem is that these items are not allowed to be transferred, there are very few games allow transactions or items sold to collect. NFT provides a solution to this problem. Allow in-game assets transferred to the other game.

No need for central servers? Awesome! You should write up some lessons you/your team has learned about decentralized game architecture, I’d love to read.

Looking forward to playing!

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