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New to Anchor App

Boomers need more instructions. My Anchor App offers to photo my QR, but I am on a smartphone. I have no internet computer or printer. All my transactions are via Samsung phine.
It would be nice to have a step by step to transfer my data to file even to a scratch pad file.

Completely agreed. The instructions for using the app are pretty lacking right now and is something on our radar to improve this year.

Anchor is meant to be used with other apps, like unicove.com, bloks.io, or atomichub.io. Those apps give you ways to use the blockchain, and Anchor serves basically as your secure key manager so you don’t have to share any sensitive information.

If you click login on one of those sites, it’ll show a QR you can scan and a button that says “Launch Anchor”. The launch button will swap apps to Anchor from your browser, which lets you log in and do things on those sites.

I seem to be collecting wallets and can not get to my objective to purchase tokens.
I just scanned QR and clicked the go to app?

I am trying to close the background app and reopen

Purchasing tokens happens outside of Anchor from an exchange of some sort. That unfortunately isn’t something we handle directly (due to the legal complexities), and I’d just recommend you use your favorite exchange that supports the token to make the purchase. You can then withdraw it to your wallet using the account name you chose during the creation process.

Try a test withdraw first to make sure it works!