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Need to create second account

I have a second wax wallet that I use that I need other people to access as well as me (We are a community wallet here) and so I think I need to open up a secondary Anchor Wallet? Is that right?
If so, how is that done and how can I move a custom wallet name/address to that new Anchor Wallet?!
Thank You in advance!!!

There’s a few ways you can accomplish this.

If you had a dedicated account that was shared between people, you could set it up and share the active key to it, or set it up to use multiple keys (one for each participant). There’s a lot of different ways you can tackle this problem, but none of them unfortunately are all that easy.

As for Anchor, you can both import any number of accounts into it (your main one and this secondary shared one), and switch between them at will. This is done through the “Manage Accounts” section with the “Import Account” button in the upper right.

If you need to create a new account, the easiest way is probably to log in with your existing account into bloks.io and use their interface:


You will need to generate the keys in Anchor (under Tools → Key Generator) and save them someplace safe, and enter the public keys (the ones that start with EOS) during the setup. After you create it (and pay for it), the private keys associated with the public keys you enter will then allow you to import the new account.

As a word of caution, anyone with those keys will be able to access any and all funds in that shared account. What you’re trying to do is pretty advanced and any safeguards are going to be pretty complicated to get setup.