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Naming the Representatives at Each Level

Dan would like to name the roles at each level of representation for EdenOnEOS. These will not necessarily apply outside of the EOS instantiations of Eden. We’re just looking for convenient names we can use, for EdenOnEOS, to refer to the representatives at each level, rather than awkwardly referring to the level itself.

We’re thrown around some ideas, but you guys are likely to come up with far better ones. So… here are the parameters.

At max size, an EdenOnEOS community will have 10,000 people in it. That makes 5 levels. So we’re looking to name the representatives at Levels 2 and 3. We already call the number 1 person the Satoshi, and the first level are members. We’ve been calling the (n-1) level “The Board”. If you have ideas for the 4 remaining levels (or other suggestions for the other levels’ representatives), please comment here.
1 - Satoshi
4 - The Board
16 - ???
80 - ???
400 - ???
2000 - ???
10000 - members

Also, there will be a period of time when we don’t have this many levels, so any suggestions on what we call the representatives for a smaller tree, we invite those as well, for instance… the first election will be done around 100 members. Our current algorithm would set that up like so, where the notation is (Size of Groups) x (Number of groups), leaving only 1 level to name in the smallest population of the next election. So if you have any suggestions on either 1) a flexible naming convention or 2) a naming convention that specifies different sets of names as needed, we’re all ears.
1 - Satoshi
5 x 1 - Board
5 x 5 - ???
4 x 25 - members

We look forward to your suggestions.

It’s great working for you all. Thank you for your passion for what we’re trying to do.

Mike, Clarion


It might be helpful if the names are all related to service rather than authority. Having a representative, for instance, helps promote the idea of serving better than marshal or chief. Here are some suggestions with that in mind.

1 - Satoshi
4 - The Board
16 - The Guard (guards the integrity of the project - IMO, this should be the same name regardless of how many layers)
80 - Senate (because the consolidation of responsibility becomes more pronounced)
400 - Minister (perhaps Clerk?)
2000 - Representatives (first layer of voted members - IMO, this should be the second level unless there are only 4)
10000 - members


Like it except 80 “Senate” as not well understood by non Americans and 400 “Minister” as this same title used in many other countries for their Government “Secretary of . . .”.

Will ponder and if alternatives post in weekend.

1 – Omega
4 – Gammas
16 – Betas
80 – Alphas
400 – Thetas
2000 – Deltas
10000 – Zetas

1 – Satoshi
4 – The Pineal
16 – The Hypothalamus
80 – The Limbic System
400 – The Frontal Lobe
2000 – The POT Lobes
10000 – The Cerebellum

1 – Satoshi
4 – The Head
16 – The Chest
80 – The Stomach/Hips
400 – The Knees
2000 – The Feet
10000 – The Body

1 – Satoshi
4 – Purples
16 – Blues
80 – Greens
400 – Yellows
2000 – Oranges
10000 – Reds

1 – Satoshi
4 – The Board
16 – The Arch
80 – The Pulse
400 – The Stream
2000 – The Particle
10000 – The Wave

1 – Satoshi
4 – Cosmo
16 – Macro
80 – Major
400 – Minor
2000 – Mirco
10000 – Nano

1 – Satoshi
4 – Tetrahedron
16 – Chestahedron
80 – Octahedron
400 – Hexahedron
2000 – Icosahedron
10000 – Dodecahedron

1 – Satoshi
4 – Advisor
16 – Collaborator
80 – Advocate
400 – Enthusiast
2000 – Contributor
10000 – Participant

1 – Atom
4 – Nucleus
16 – Neutrons
80 – Protons
400 – Gluons
2000 – Quarks
10000 – Electrons

1 – Satoshi
4 – The Board
16 – Trustees
80 – Executives
400 – PROs
2000 – VIPs
10000 – Members

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Yeah, thanks Lennie. I pondered it as well.
Minister has a lot of possibilities, depending on context.
I was thinking of the historical context for a Senate (Rome, for example) as opposed to a congress. I’m sure something else might be better.

I know the name has probably already set in for good, but I think “Satoshi” is a bit too Bitcoin-centric. I’d like to suggest a title related to the military hierarchy in ancient and modern Greece. The senior officer was called the Strategos. In ancient times they were elected. I think we should make it our own by changing the spelling to Strategeos.
Kinda strategy-EOS.
Besides, who wants Craig Wright showing up and demanding his spot later on?


Not bad. Instead of “The Guard” for the second level, it could be “Praetorian” or “Praetorian Guard” (or Pratoreos, if we want to stick with the EOS motif).

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agree that Satoshi is needlessly bitcoin-centric, and an avoidable negative outcome in the unlikely event the real sathoshi ever turned up … also like the idea of ancient greek names.

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eos is the goddess of the dawn after all Eos - Wikipedia

I like the naming rules for carbon chains in Chemistry where there is a latin prefix for the number and a suffix for the type of group.

Only issue is the names might sound like references to other projects. We need to modify to somehow end with EOS.

# Carbons Root Name Alkane - (add “ane”) Alkyl Substituent - (add “yl”)
1 meth methane methyl
2 eth ethane ethyl
3 prop propane propyl
4 but butane butyl
5 pent pentane pentyl
6 hex hexane hexyl
7 hept heptane heptyl
8 oct octane octyl
9 non nonane nonyl
10 dec decane decyl

I suppose Meth head is not such a great name for Satoshi,
Also, on #2, Ethereum is not an association we want to encourage.
#4 - butt? buttocks?
#9 - non-eos sounds too negative :slight_smile:

# Carbons Root Name EdenOS Levels Alkane - (add “ane”) Alkyl Substituent - (add “yl”)
1 meth Satoshi methane methyl
2 eth Boardeos ethane ethyl
3 prop Propeos propane propyl
4 but butane butyl
5 pent Penteos pentane pentyl
6 hex Hexeos hexane hexyl
7 hept heptane heptyl
8 oct Octeos octane octyl
9 non nonane nonyl
10 dec Deceos decane decyl

I’ve tried to pick names that suggest consensus building rather than titles that suggest centralized power (to me ‘The Board’ sounds too like the insular corporate hierarchy of fatcats we are trying to avoid here). I’m in favour of any titles which evoke a spirit of peacemaking and agreement building.

In particular, rather than giving the leader a lofty hubristic title, they should have a relatively humble title that evokes the spirit of the project, where the leader is meant to operate as a true representative of the hopes, ambitions and ideals of the community as a whole.

Below are my suggestions for now …

1 – The Eden Representative

4 – Eden Ambassadors

16 – Eden Advocates

80 – Eden Conciliators

400 – Eden Harmonizers

2000 – Eden Peacemakers

10000 – Eden Citizens


How about the metric system?

1: Satoshi
2: Decisatoshi
3: Centisatoshi
4: Millisatoshi

These are progressively smaller at a factor of 10.

There are gaps after milli, you jump from 1000th of the base measurement to micro which is a millionth.

Maybe we can start with Kilo and move lower from that, then we have:

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1 - Satoshi
4 - Board Members (The Board)
16 - Ministers (The Ministry)
80 - Councillors (The Council)
400 - Commissioners (The Committee)
2000 - Treasurer (The Treasury)
10000 - Members (The General Assembly)

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Could we get some thoughts on why it is the best idea to name the top rank “Satoshi”

It seems an important discussion to have given that this is a title that will be mentioned in all news this project gets over the coming years. Hearing the word ‘Satoshi’ evokes Bitcoin in the mind of pretty much all who hear it. Do we want people to think of Bitcoin every time they read a news article about Eden?

I can think of three quick possible negatives for continuing with Satoshi.

  1. It seems to give primacy to an almost godlike figure from the bitcoin community… this could draw unfavourable reaction from that community before they’ve even had a chance to learn about EDEN. (EOS has not always been popular there, and with Dan as the leader for the first year, it could be easy bait for trolls: “Did you see Dan Larimer has now gone and made himself ‘The Satoshi of EOS’!!!” etc

  2. ‘Satoshi’ might not always be a positive brand (craig wright aside, the world could turn on bitcoin for any numbers of reasons over the coming years/decades and Satoshi may no longer be seen in such a positive light).

  3. It’s not even instantly clear to the uninitiated that ‘Satoshi’ means the leader.
    (the first comment on EdenOnEOS - Fractal Democracy Roundtable #1 https://youtu.be/YUzKqUm9iis is: “What is the meaning of satoshi?”)
    ‘Satoshi’ also already has a double meaning (creator and unit of btc), possibly making it more difficult for its identity within Eden to seep into the public consciousness without unnecessary confusion.

To me Eden is a bold and original new adventure that doesn’t need to have a perceived alignment with another cryptocurrency, especially one that isn’t Eos. Branding and messaging are important.

I’d love to see some bullet points as to why ‘Satoshi’ is the correct term to use for Eden.



I support your point of view, Eden is a service of EOS community governance, it is not necessary to use this power as a top ranking in the name


Share your view “Satoshi” not a good title/name for the Eden top dog.

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I recommend using one of the below strict organized utilitarian sequence styles, or similar.

This is because they are able to provide a strict and necessary contrast to the Eden name (which implies the opposite: 1) no bounds, 2) unlimited possibilities, 3) [goddess of the] New Dawn.)

The below structures ‘bind’ Eden basically, which is what is necessary to pour her forward. It’s like applying a load to a circuit, it provides for her energy to actually flow.

Here are a couple of Utilitarian Hierarchies for consideration:

First Minister
High Minister
Middle Minister
Low Minister
Second Low Minister
Third Low Minister

First Order
Second Order
Third Order
Forth Order
Fifth Order
Sixth Order


Note: I STRONGLY recommend we get rid of the title “satoshi“. Simple explanation: it provides an identity trainwreck.