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My introduction, a request to be allowed back in edenos telegram, and my ideas for eos/telos/hive based social to replace voice

May I please have an invite link and instructions to signup? Also I believe I was autobanned for typing too much at once in the telegram for edenos and I do apologize, as I have tourettes syndrome and I have a hard time controlling my thoughts and pushing them out on chain its hard ro describe for me and I have a good track record on steem hive telos eosio and have done a lot of work and can have many users vouch for me, I just hate having to worry aboit not being able to use the usefulness of telegram to complete my edenos signup because of a misunderstanding

Please if you can just give my account @ackza on telegram another chance I will stick to just using it for the signup process

I have worked with tipit on eos telos wax and gotten them what could have been $100k+ USD or 60,000+ telos for a proposal and telos then went to $1.40 and I helped many projects get telos to start and have been helping people on dpos and eosio/antelope especially in developing countries and believe I have also learned a unique rare skillset from being one of a dozen or so people on steem to have purchases snd thus care to learn about scotbot or steem smart media tokens and the way we have built a copy of steem reward pools for steem and hive sub tokens, a system I wish to bring to eos telos wax and have many telos proposals and plans ready to go

I hope to use tipit and edenos with twitter as part of all of this and really hope I can get my edenos account up and verified to test out that violetgarden dapp I saw on wombat (wombat is so important for showing off new dapps btw)

Anyway I know I can use existing eos smart contracts for old discussions app that are so simple with 2 actions one for posting one for just upvoting, and I would add another action for claiming rewards and a system that uses on telos telos decide telos works contract to fund new socal media reward pools for telos and telos sub tokens

I would use steem/hive engines Scotbot token reward pools that letbyou create community token like the old steemit smart media token idea but actually executed where you can change all the settings for your custom token and custom curation custom inflation custom reward curve etc, custom times for payouts so you can have it 7 days or 3 or a month.

I also hope to use edenos for my own social dapp using a second layer with tipit inside discord telegram and twitter and github so that your tipit account creates layer two social posts and uses tipit delegation and stake to proxy upvote and post for you , a system I wanted to build with tipcc and hive

See I know eos mever had a social system built in but if it did we wouldn’t have to explain this all to the larger eos community who suprisngly is very ignorant about reward pool math … it seems sometimes that only dan larimer himself and a few people understand this, like roelandp who exist across bitshares steem eos and telos and wax … we need some of those people who were both steem and eos witness and block producers and recruit them to a panel or video chat to explain how exciting voice was while it was being launched because we all thiught we would get an eos based reward pool and anchor logins and upvotes paying users in eos with even a small chunk of block ones giant ico 4 billion dollar treasure chest funding years of an eos voice reward pool

That dream is something I want to finish using telos to start and using 100,000 telos from the proposal system or 10% a month to go to a telos social reward pool

Now for eos I would hope that one day eos stakeholders would all vote to increase inflation on eos just enough to pay to match steems starting reward pool amounts which lets say is around 20 to 40 million or so tokens a year, from stake based consensus inflation … everyone agrees the chain prints them and it goes to a reward pool that encourages users ro only self upvote their on chain content 30% of the time or so … I would suggest we allow people on eos to self upvote their own content 100% of the time but use curation incentives and or a system that lowers the value of a self uovote by half to encourage users to soend their use it or loose it eos uovote rewards on other users helpful to eos or proxy their social eos reward stake

Of course there’s also thenidea of funding an eos based social reward pool with proposal funds but I don’t think pomelo and eos proposal funding is enough to pay for the 10 to 20 million eos I believe we woue eventually need but if we just started with 1 million eos a year that could definitely be enough to start

Imagine that is just 1 million or 1 thousandth of the aprox 1 billion eos supply … voting to allocate just enough eos inflation for this reward pool and more as eos price increases and more users join, this would simply be a cheap way to pay for promotions of the eos chain and edenos would be at the heart of this social system but wouldn’t be required ro post as many users may want to use something with Zeos Privacy or just a main net eos account with stake in rex cpu and net determining how much of this hypothetical eos social reward pool they get access to giving out via their upvotes

See it’s hard for me to contain myself when I write about this because I get so excited and honestly see myself as an ex addict who got into ateemit during my recovery in 2017 and used it to replace addiction on my brain… seeing rewards of hundreds of steem a day and then watching steem go over 8 dollars in early 2018 was incredible and then sbd being at 3 dollars as Dan larimer launched eos ice allowed many of us on steem to get thousands of eos cheap and I was telling people to buy it at its all time low of 50 cents and to use free sbd from steemit posts to get that eos for free

In a way I was able to get paid in eos indirectly for my social posts on steem about eos

Just imagine how I was using discussions app with my voice com profile back in 2020 and showing off how my posts were already on the eos main net AND in hive where I would earn a few dollars to a few hundred per day in posst aboit eos and voice but in hive, which paid me and allowed me to buy eos with that hive …

My dream was that ww would have ads on voice paying for a reward pool and b1 qouod chip in and that we would have eos and wax based nft sales for our ads and that staking eos wouldd be like steempower and we would even get paid in eos PBTC

BEING paid in eos pbtc for an anchor login capable edenos eos based social dapp like violet garden but open to everyone with extra access to rewards for those with edenos now that would be much better so everyone could join without any invite

Anyway I really have a lot to go over and already wrote and am attempting to post a telos proposal for my idea to use a stripped down copy of telos works telos decide proposal system but with a 7 day payout and no fee requirement to post and no requested tlos amounts for each post just a floating reward

On eos a social media dapp reward pool can be funded with either New Inflation, Proposals, Ads or a token sale

I think a token sale is the most fair and we should consider the following:

B1 already did the token sale and another roken may feel rude. Holding eos should be enough and if we build something good enoigh we should get paid in our own platform with upvotes from the eos whales themselves. We could even build tools that allow rex interest rewards to be delivered as a sort of second layer proxy tipit tip as an upvote…essentially just sharing existing eos staking rewards to users who post the best eos related social media content and promotion work

If we build something good enough on eos that with 1 button let’s an eos whale take their eos staking rewards and send them out as upvote rewards, then we should get plenty of those upvotes on a system we build for eos stake holders to have fun posting and upvoting with. It is the cheapest way to promote a token and steems success from all the users addicted to signing uo posting and claiming rewards is the proof

If we just had users on anchor/wombat/edenos with temporary discussions app style posting keys or those bloks io temporary keys you can create below active that can only undelegate etc… SAFEMODE yeahbthats it… we can build that sort of safe mode POSTING key a private key that can’t transfer funds and can only make a few posts a day and wont even be able to edit or delete old posts like steem/hive posting key can do, so it will be more secure on eos, I think Dan larimers opinion here would be amazing to hear

There’s a lot dan doesn’t know like how steem and hive engine scotbot works as essentially user created SMTs with custom reward pools

I would want an eos token sold just to allow governance decisions to be made perhaps or it can be a token that helps decide or gets fees from another service that lets you create or reco fig existing or new eos sub tokens ro add reward pools like steem/hive engines scotbot

Anyway I would want people to be able to create their own custom eos tokens with reward pools like how hive has leo or weedcash with custom community tribe tokens for various interests like finance or cannabis and they all buy stake and earn via uovotes their own token with same rules for author and curation rewards as steem/hive but where users can vote to change those rules on scotbot rules config page (like golos id and their COMITEE tool with witness /BP style voting on the rules of the reward pool

Anyway we coukd have it so on eos since the proposals can’t fund them as much as telos, we do a token sale of either a main eos social governance token to allow you to change the rules of the reward pool and maybe earn more curation or fees from a dex on alcor.

Anyway this seems complicated and I apologize for the scattered post here but this all makes sense when you’ve gone through my journey from steem to eoe to telos to hive and all my custom cross chain steem/hive-engine scotbot tokens with my own custom reward pools I setup myself. I want eos and telos to have these custom social reward pool COMMUNITY TRIBE tokens and I want us to replace voice and use existing discussions app contracts and telos proposal system to make it all work smoothly with a lot of the hard parts already finished. Like a second telos proposal system used for 7 day social posts

Just having that sweet anchor login edenos capable social site like violetgarden gives me so much hope as there was not s single social dapp left on eos lol. It was sad and I’m glad to see someone realizing we have to keep eos social alive

I propose to fund the discussions app team to bring back the working simple anchor /wombat capable OLD discussions app site /contract and have a REWARD POOL created from 1. Nft ad space sales on eos and wax 2. Token sale 3. Eos pomelo proposals and donations 4. Convincing eos stakeholders to vote to increase eos inflation or reallocate staking rewards so just a humble 1 million eos a year goes to social media posts.

Here’s why that is important: a large eos whale earning hundreds of eos a month or year isn’t going to really care. But a NEW eos user with 0 to 2 eos staked probably by others just to have “resource credits” to operate eos social media posts, that user is going to VALUE just 1 eos earned a week and cherish ir and talk abiut it.

So 1 eos whale or dolphin making 1000 eos a year for free won’t really care as much as the PURE excitement of 1000 new users EACH earning their first 1 EOS token as a reward

I believe 1 to 1.2 million eos a year is enough to replicate the excitement of steemit and voice… the idea of 100,000 new users signing up in the first year as things are being tested, each earning 1 eos each and then many more earning larger amounts with many top content producers earning hundreds and thousands of eos over the first year, it would be the perfect advertising campaign and if eos goes back to $20 well then we would have that 1 million follars in eos become worth 20 million a year and now if we increased the pool with just a few percent of inflation we could have hundreds of million maybe a billion a year old day in eos social media rewards, we wouldn’t need block one ! We could get close to the original potential greatness and glory that was eos

I just have great visions in my head of many social media frontbends that use wombat and anchor logins with eos to allow people to post and do many things like dtube and dsound and dlive and all those specific tools on steem…theyll be much more useful with REAL eos smart contracts

We would have so many users getting uovotes from whales and many things like DEX transactions on newdex can be formatted and optionally POSTED as eos social posts so people’s large newdex or alcor token purchases or nft sales can actyally be upvoted and rewarded …

We could have an incredible network of communities like steem/hive

We would need to ensure anyone with anchor wallet fan simply post even with a memo that has a twitter style short form text based post, a hashtag to determine what community to post it in, and any images as ipfs links… and you’d send like 0.0001 EOS to some account like eos.social and it would show up across any eos social front end …

I think discussions app like I said already HAS this figured out and as I sit here eating my trader Joe’s sourdough kaiser roles I realize that we have nothing to loose and everything to gain even if we don’t convince eos to pay for the reward pool with inflation or proposals, even if we have ro sell ads that can’t actyally cover the cost and peoppe are just earning tokens that aren’t worth much eos on defibox, we should still start and we should push and push to get a main net EOS reward pool of at least 1 million a year even if we have to sell eos NFTs on eos or wax that simply give people some sort of special rank or whatever… if eos can raise 4 billion to basically do rhis and replace steemit then I know we can get 1.2 million eos a year for a reward pool that is paying out that 100,000 eos a month to all these anchor/wombat/posting key safemode and web app or mobile app users making eos social media posts …getting uovoted by users who are hired by eos whales like newdex etc to delegate their social power, which is why we may need a seperate airdropped token so everyone with eos and maybe also some genesis airdrop holders are given access to a social media eos token that uses its stake to determine how much of the reward pool eos you can give out as upvote rewards

The token would be seperate from eos so a large eos whale can delegate it and not their actyal eos and loose oitnon staking rewards but still be allowed to delegate their social uovote reward pool voting power to some professional curator who has the time to go upvote new users

Oh and a really cool feature of my idea here is to allow an account like newdex to actyakly go upvote any social media post made by its top traders, automatically!

Using edenos with all of this is something I have to study and use to figure out … but I am also so interested in using it with clarion and dan larimers ideas to use wax nfts and eos smart contracts and hive posting all in one

Tldr; if anyone could dm me a signuo link for edenos for my eos account zackzackzack or use my telegram account ackza …I would really aoreciate clearing up a previous misunderstanding where I typed too many ideas too fast into the edenos telegram and got banned, if I could please be unbanned I really need to just use it for edenos signup, I can get many users in steem hive eos and telos to vouch for me , as you can see I jjst get really excited talking about eos baded reward pools like steemit thank you

Ah I did it again I sorry if this is hard to understand and scattered …I just have no way to organize how important my ideas for social media on eos are and I see huge problems I can fix with special leadership I can provide from my experience in steem/golos/hive eos/telos and steem engine which finished the steemit work on SMTs which allows me to understand more than most people, the big picture of steem reward pools and the option for eos/telos to somehow port them over to antelope

If we can then we will have the perfect smart media token contracts on eos and telos and complete what we thought was the dream of Dan and voice