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My first Anchor-powered app is on TestFlight!

Hi everyone!
I’ve just released on TestFlight the first public beta of my app that integrates with Anchor (thanks to your iOS SDK) to manage balances, transactions and token swap on WAX chain (using Alcor contracts).
I’d like to receive feedbacks about it to integrate Anchor in the best possible way!

Here’s the link if you want to try it out:

Thanks for your amazing SDKs and work! :grin:


Took it for a spin, integration is working great! Great job

You could add support for Anchor Link sessions so that Anchor skips the confirm screen for subsequent requests after logging in but that’s a bit more involved, we only have a JavaScript library for sessions right now so you would have to re-implement the protocol in your app, we do plan to build a Swift library for it at some point though :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :grin:

We’ll try to re-implement Anchor Link on Swift from you Javascript library.
We are working on an Android version of the app too…is there an open/closed beta for Android Anchor wallet or is it still in development?
We’d like to give an hand on testing and debugging! :slight_smile:

Early access is available, which you can jump on here:

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Thanks! We’ll work on it too :grin: