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My Experience with the Eden induction process and my recommended changes

As @lukestokes said in his post, coordinating schedules creates enough of a challenge that I also find myself delaying the on-chain invite until after the Zoom call is recorded. Perhaps this hack defeats the intent of the witness process, but perhaps not.

Part of Eden is meeting new people. Ideally members would only invite or witness for people they already know well enough to leave alone in their home. But at this early stage, I can’t help but feel that I would rather prioritize my invites for prospective members whom I have never met who have taken the initiative to study More Equal Animals, have contributed consistently at the eoscommunity forums, and have posted their desire to join. These are the kinds of members I think would best carry Eden forward at this early stage.

I recommend changing the on-chain invite process to not require witnesses, only the inviter and the invitee.

How It Might Look

  • A Live List where members can view live Zoom calls currently under way which are ready for an additional witness.
  • The Live List includes links to the invitee’s profile draft so that prospective witnesses can pre-evaluate the invitee before clicking the Zoom link to join.
  • Clicking the Zoom link updates the Live List to signal a witness slot is currently filled.
  • If a prospective witness leaves a Zoom call, a member could manually edit the Live List to indicate the witness slot is available once again.
  • If a witness slot is not available, nobody else can join the Zoom call (to avoid recording interruptions).
  • In addition to a Live List, a Scheduled List where prospective witnesses could see upcoming scheduled Zoom calls, read the invitee’s profile draft, and enter their name to fill a witness slot.

Additional Thoughts on the Induction Process
Eden presents an opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about building a better society. The induction process should reflect the reality that this is a growing community with people eager to meet, network, and hang out together.

The 7 day expiration period seems like an effective way for inviters to escape regretful invites. Perhaps after hanging out for a while on a live Zoom call while waiting for witnesses to show up, the inviter grows apprehensive. The inviter could tell the invitee they need to reschedule the Zoom call, and end the meeting, which would remove the call from the Live List. This gives the inviter the chance to follow up on their apprehensions before scheduling another Zoom call.


P.S. I was feeling a bit scattered, so I created this document to help invitees prepare for the induction ceremony. Eden Induction Ceremony Prep

P.S2 Luke’s spreadsheet is handy. See his post linked above.


While there’s a bit of friction in onboarding I like it and will produce a unique story in how each member got onboarded, if it’s made too easy then we’d risk letting too many in too fast and have a lower trust in each member.

Having 3 members required will also paint us a fascinating picture to look back on in how people were first onboarded histoically too, rather than one member doing a bulk onboarding. Especially in cases where members are kicked from the group.

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Good points. The process shouldn’t be too easy.

What I’m trying to communicate here is not a process that is easier, but a process that feels more like a meeting and networking opportunity. Eden presents an opportunity to connect with others. I was surprised by the feeling of connection during the Election Demo, and during induction calls. I’m thinking of the Live List not as a change to reduce friction, but as a venue for networking and hanging out. Connecting people at this venue may have the side effect of making the induction process easier, but it’s not the goal.

Maybe the Live List or Scheduled List concepts are ineffective or dangerous tools for the job, but I like to think there is a way to design community Eden connections, like what we experienced during the Election Demo.

Yeah good point, there was a lot of good energy and enthusiasm in the Election demo, I wonder how many of those in there have been invited into Eden…

I really like this! I’ve put up a poll in the main Eden TG channel looking for feedback on lumps of time and days of the week people might consider joining an open zoom call. The point would be to do just what you’ve suggested, “connect with…people eager to meet, network and hang out together.”

This is just spit-balling, but we can take turns chatting, maybe make it somewhat formal and ask everyone to take turns talking about a particular topic, or set of topics to talk about (What is it about Eden, More Equal Animals, & EOS, that excites us etc….) . Give us each a chance to learn about each other in an open way. I’m not a pro at video calls, but they seem challenging to get everyone to participate since only one person can really talk at a time. Having a moderator and then folks take turn raising their hands might be a clean way to do it. Then in the chat side conversations can take place and maybe people can pop out of the main call to do quick video introductions.

Could be a win-win with us facilitating getting new members in and also getting to build up our community bond.

Go EOS!!

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Great idea! Thanks for organizing this.