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Maybe Eden is not needed

Here’s an alternative proposal. The goal is for the projects that are important for EOS community to get funded (and actually started).

Pick 3-4 established teams which are decentralized enough, like Vigor or Defibox (or even Europechain, which is in essence 5 European block producers).

Throw cash at them, with the condition that 70% is spent on EOS projects that the community wants and benefits from. The remaining 30% is for their own projects, and they have already proven their ability to spend wisely.

They set up their kinds of worker proposal systems and make quick decisions and sponsor projects, follow up and demand the results. Their reputation and future funding is at stake.

Job done. Initial funding can be done from RAM fees (the fund that was already once thought for a WPS).

The teams need to present themselves, define their goals and ways to move forward, and 15/21 BP would approve their funding batches. $1M worth for a start, then next batches worth $5M or so.

They are established teams with business goals, and it’s in their interest to run this efficiently. They will be focused on making this happen. And they have a reputation to care about.


Maybe we can use both options?

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It depends on the goals. If the goal is to get funding for projects, small teams will be much more efficient.

Hopefully these teams and their members will participate in the Eden election process.


hopefully we get shit done, regardless if it’s with or without Eden :slight_smile:

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I’m all about getting things done but have a few questions about this proposal. How will the 3-4 established teams be selected? Who gets to pick them? How is the condition that 70% is spent on EOS projects verified and what penalties will be enforceable if it turns out they did not? You mention that they will have a reputation to care about, how then will any reputation damage be realized, what true penalties would come with reputational damage? Lastly how does this proposal work over a longer duration time period? That is, can this method of funding provide ongoing support over many years to projects and individuals looking to build on EOS?


These teams would publish their proposals, and BP would approve the funds allocation. If the team performs poorly, it’s not getting the next batch. Totally simple and centralized.

You can have various governance schemes running on eos, which does not conflict with eden


I don’t think any of the teams you’ve mentioned have proven track records deploying millions of dollars in capital effectively. I don’t think we have too many people in the community with that ability and experience.

However if we distribute those funds via an agreed upon consensus model and spread the resources in order to see the funds deployed in a variety of “tests”, we can then use that data to distribute more funds to things that worked as opposed to things that didn’t work.

Let’s start making our decisions based on facts ands truth and real consensus. For anyone to criticize Eden at this point, please give it an hour of your time to just try out the election process(It’s open to anyone to join our Trial Elections).

#EdenOnEOS (Telegram: Contact @EdenOSinfo) Trial Election II. Be a part of the #PoliticalPlayoffs :boom:2500+ EOS budgeted for winners​:boom: Saturday, July 17th at 17:00 UTC Participate in #FractalDemocracy by registering here: https://forms.gle/V38RpWdoRX9UCsvY8

I’ve not seen an example of this type of human consensus model being deployed and tested anywhere else. If you feel you deserve to be funded to the tune of millions of dollars, please join a Trial election and just act as a voter to experience 1 round for 50 minutes of your time, before offering alternatives.


Absolutely! You’ve hit the nail on the head Zen.

Op - Go ahead and propose this idea to the BPs and gather support? Why try to convince the Eden community to do it for you?

We’ve already committed to this experiment and will see it through. There’s already funding and that will grow substantially over time, just with the few initiatives we already have in place.

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We’ve already gotten “shit done” as you say. Chris has successfully deployed 1000 EOS to eospowerup and it’s been a big success already. We’re taking the time to prove that Eden deserves to be funded.

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Ok let’s see how it goes

those teams were given as examples. We don’t actually have many working teams on EOS (most of business activity is shifted to WAX). Besides, Eden members don’t have such experience either.

But my point is, business entities with reputation and history would be more efficient in working together and achieving a goal.

Also, funding projects does not need a democracy. It needs accountability and focus.


Through Eosproject.io cough cough