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Making sense of a rogue transaction

First of all, I appreciate EOS! Im a genesis block holder. I was buying EOS when it was 20 dollars a coin, and when it was 2 dollars a coin. Love the product and I know that it is way undervalued!!

I authorized a transaction that seems to have disappeared. I understand that the problem could very well have been mine, but if someone could please take a minute to look at it and help me to know what I did wrong, and how to fix it next time I’d appreciate it.
So I made this transaction, the recipient said that they did not receive the funds. I sent them the hash, thinking that they would know what to do with it. Bloks.io has the transaction listed, with the hash number. I checked it with eostracker, and the transaction does not exist. Can someone at least look at it? It was a lot of money.

problem solved.

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