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Lost Anchor Wallet password. How to recover?

When trying to export my private key I am ask for my anchor wallet password and I don’t have the right password. I’m not sure what happened but I can’t use the password I had save for this. Is there any way I can recover my password for this account?

For Anchor desktop, everything is encrypted with the password you set when initially setting up the wallet. There’s no way to decrypt those keys without the password and that password isn’t stored anywhere on our end.

Do you have the private key saved somewhere outside of Anchor?

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I don’t. Does Anchor asked me to confirm my password when creating my wallet? Because I can’t understand how I don’t have the right password. Best thing to do now is to send my eos to an exchange and create a new wallet?

Anchor asks you to set a password and confirm it when you install/configure the app. This password is then used to encrypt all of your data locally on your computer (so we’re not just storing sensitive data insecurely). Anytime you interact with any of that sensitive data, like accessing private keys or signing transactions, it requires that password to retrieve the data it needs.

The only way the password isn’t asked for is if you used one of the experimental features which allows you to import a backup from Scatter, and then Anchor just starts using your old Scatter password.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have the right password either. It’s a double confirmation so to set it, it had to be typed identically twice to confirm before it was set. The only place that password is used though is on your computer so there’s no remote systems we can use to reset it.

Maybe there is something I don’t understand in this case. I am able to sign transaction and sent EOS to an exchange, signing my transaction with my ledger nano S.

I think I have read that the ledger keep my private key secure, is this correct?

The password I can’t figure out is the local wallet password. This is ask when I try to export my private key from Anchor.

Should I contact EOS support instead? Again since I’m able to to move my EOS to an exchange, should I create a new wallet?

Sorry for all my question this is my first time creating a wallet and I’m trying to understand if everything is secure.

Ahhh, Ledger is a bit different - yeah it does hold your keys and Anchor just uses it to sign transactions.

Are all your accounts on the Ledger? If so, you can’t actually export any private keys because Anchor wouldn’t have any. It’s all tied to your Ledger device.

Yes all of my account are on the ledger.

How do I export my private key from ledger? Do I need it or it’s fine stored in my ledger?
What is the Anchor password use for? How can I verify I have the right password?

Thanks you very much for your help Aaron.

You can’t, which is one of the more powerful features of the ledger.

You shouldn’t need it.

The password is primarily to access/use keys stored in Anchor. You shouldn’t need the password if you’re only using a Ledger, though it may prompt you for it if you try to access areas that are expecting to use a key.

If all your accounts are on your Ledger, then your Ledger is your backup. You won’t need anything else, and if you were to plug that Ledger into a fresh copy of Anchor you’d just be able to setup and use your accounts again.