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Looking for the transaction hash in Anchor wallet 1.1.8

I’m using the Anchor wallet version 1.1.8.

I sent tokens to SimpleSwap.io but the transaction is not processing.

Their support needs my transaction hash. How do I find that in the anchor wallet?

Thanks in advance
Blake Mann

When you’re signing the transaction, on the left side, disable the “Close window when completed” option. When the toggle is to the left (and not blue) like shown below, it’s disabled:

Then after you sign the transaction, you’ll have a window that displays the transaction ID as well as a clickable link that goes to a block explorer to verify the transaction:

The random character string in the screenshot above I believe is what they’re asking for.

Same problem. I can’t find the hash transaction. Please help. Thank you

If you are looking for historical transaction IDs, they are not displayed in the wallet but you can find them on a block explorer like eosauthority.com or bloks.io.