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Looking for input on API service requests for improvement in EOS ecosystem

I recently became aware of the need for improvement in the provision of API services across the EOS ecosystem. I am trying to gather community input to make a list of requests members would like to see happen and then later develop a way to organize and prioritize those concerns. I want to bring together those with the talent and knowledge, with those who would like to learn how contribute to the EOS ecosystem in this area.

So far I have gathered 2 responses on Telegram:

  • Liqueos needs a liquidity api that tracks the prices of eos tokens on all dexes
  • Feral on tg states - want to setup my own rpc endpoint on wax mainnet

Link to a telegram group I just made for dialogue and discussion:

Matthew Darwin had also suggested to me the following groups for information on running API’s. After I get done combing through these groups I imagine the thing to do is to start organizing the information into tutorials somehow, while developing a list of questions. I have a feeling most of the discussion in those groups are a bit over my head and I will need some pointers with things that are more basic and fundamental.

Recommended resources:

EOSIO Developers

WAX Infra Discussion

EOSIO Jungle Testnet