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Literally how do you create new account?

So i been 3 days going through internet, and no luck.
I get the linux wallet, it asks me to import keys, but how can i when i have no account on EOS or WAX where i need this for.

And every instruction is load the wallet set it up… but how you set it up? when it asks me something i have not.
Only way i seen is to buy account through mobile app and those apps are still developed. so i dont trust them- also dont want to create my keys ect through mobile.
i have keys generated ny myself. but how can i use them as when i put it in the wallet it doesnt react to it…

Sorry for this noobie thing but i am at dead end and i want better wallet than WCW.

thank you in advance to anyone who can direct me to the right path.

this is only option the wallet gives me…

Yeah - this is something we really need to add a button in for, but have been swamped with other tasks since we released the account creation feature a few weeks ago for desktop.

For desktop users, you start here:


We’ll be adding a button in the wallet that opens that page directly in the wallet somehow in a future release.

The purchase process happens on that site, which will give you a code and clickable link, that’ll allow you to create the account on the desktop wallet (or mobile if you wanted). All the key generation is done safely in Anchor but the purchase just is taking place on the site.

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I literally found post here 15minutes ago. :smiley:
so i am now at it.

Yeah its been quite a ride to get to it.

Thank you for your reply.