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List of known Scams, EOS accounts involved into scam and EOS accounts who got scammed

Hi guys

I want to do

  1. a collection of all the known scams in EOS
    check as well https://help.eossupport.io/en/collections/3054104-new-to-eos-start-here#scam-prevention to stay up to date on ongoing or new scams on the EOS blockchain.
  2. a list of known EOS account who are involved into scams
  3. a list of all EOS accounts who got scammed

The goal is to

  1. inform people how scams in EOS happen, so they keep a better attention
  2. Maybe in the future this list will help the authorities or exchanges to detect bad actors
  3. In case the police can catch some of the scammers and get access to the scamming accounts, they could check here, to whom these robbed EOS tokens belong.

For everybody who got scammed

  1. Go to the police and fill out a police report, that your EOS tokens got stolen on a scam.

  2. Answer to this post and write which account stole your funds and as well the transaction ID. We will then update the list of known bad actors and add your account how many tokens the scammer owns you, if they ever get caught.

  3. Check with https://eosdetective.io to which accounts the scammer is transferring your tokens.

  4. Try to check 1. regularly and if you see the scammer sending tokens to an exchange account, immediately write to the exchange with the police report attached to block the tokens of the scammer

I know this is a lot of effort and will most likely not end that successful like I just wrote. But if you want to do something, thats one thing I know of, you could do…

List of known scam account, scam transactions and EOS accounts who got scammed

Date Scammer EOS Account Account who got scammed Type of scam transaction ID
8. of march 2021 g44denbwhage g44dkmrzgqge free block.one resources 097196f8bdb3910e2003286583a452cf96984f8dea39c993b8442e4ceb6d0011
9. of April 2021 vcexchangeto aniloeoswall Voice token claim 2edb91508f8f847aee97ed8a5f95b23b96b6a75e5a9e19ed7ae457c7fffc0a62
13. of April 2021 vcexchangeto gi4dsnjvhege Voice token claim 2c99f47989f86b20b49ba13d6995a67d35e9d3e3e83b8b686fbf9bc9dec067e2
15. of April 2021 voicecpufree gm3tcnrrhage Voice token claim 2a0949cb5e3ff667e18a18a7fcc0ab5789c7153d75695171a404b9c7e97ae0ed
16. of April 2021 sjrtfjswrjfr willynillydo Direct Chat Reddit Trezor help https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/mrid4t/warning_a_lowlife_reddit_user_stole_my_eos/ 224a38f610d243eab1a81a7cbd6d8ab0a4f3a14c73e8cd58fc900d82f73f3cbc
27. of April 2021 vcexchangeto gy4temrrhage Voice token claim 66d5ac54c391b2e005bf133489598d64b65df05ba40bd69e16cf2064d7d97074
15. of May 2021 vcexchangeto andreix3xxxx Voice token claim f457695236603a2aabf21b52b5cf789c6913f7783c4d0b0198b84320b502b323
25. of May 2021 voicecpufree ha3tenjqgene Voice token claim 5e1d3f0b4fe212ca697af4bcc7d50938677bb4be6c7dda8916d543c6ee906e5a
31. of May 2021 ? gq3denrrg4ge Impersonating Aaron Cox 638dd1f583a91591b6010e0e92a124a28108eea648c238cdb5cedeca420f2a7d

Known scam: Impersonating EOS moderators in EOS telegram channels or on Reddit

Procedure: As soon one write in public telegram channel or Reddit for help, there are scammers waiting for you to steal your tokens. They will direct message you (direct chat) and say they are the admins or supporter. The profile sometimes looks exactly the same like the profile from the admins or moderators, but its not them. Its a scammer! The EOS telegram or Reddit admins from any channel will never direct message you! If you get a direct message, please block them immediately and report them as scammers! Thanks!

Most impersonated admins: I think the most impersonated admins are Ali from EOSauthority.com or DataJunky in EOS Main channel. So if you see of these names writing to you, report and block them immediately!

How to protect: Only write in official public channels with people! Never answer a direct message or a chat! …as well not if they look like admins! NEVER!

Known scam: Impersonating an official EOS Website from block.one, eosauthority.com, bloks.io or eoscommunity.org

Procedure: You click a link, which seems to be from an official EOS authority, about something free (free resources, free tokens, free money or free airdrop)

Most impersonated websites: block.one and voice.com

How to protect: Always check the REAL URL (internet adress, where it goes) from the link

Known scam: Receiving an airdrop token on your EOS account

Procedure: You receive a new tokens into your wallet (or even a known one like uniswap on EOS) which includes a website to claim your tokens. When you visit the website and hit the claim button, you will get ether a transaction which will send all your EOS and tokens to another account (steal your tokens), a transaction which will change your active key (They will get access to your EOS account) or a transaction which will change your owner key (You loose access to your EOS account completely).

Most favorite app name: A lot you get voice tokens in some sort, claiming they are from the voice.com app! Except they are not, since voice tokens life until today, 9. of April 2021 on a private eosio chain run by block.one and are not tradable or viewable in your wallet today.

How to protect: First: When you see transactions on your wallet, having a link to a website: Never click on the link! Second: Always double check what the transaction is really doing, before you blindly sign transactions!

Case 9. of April 2021

Date Scammer EOS Account Account who got scammed Type of scam transaction ID
9. of April 2021 vcexchangeto aniloeoswall Voice token claim 2edb91508f8f847aee97ed8a5f95b23b96b6a75e5a9e19ed7ae457c7fffc0a62
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Well done!
It’s a hard work, EOS police man!

I was scammed.
Date: April 13, 2021
Scammer: vcexchangeto
Who scammed: gi4dsnjvhege
Type: Voice token claim
Transaction ID: 2c99f47989f86b20b49ba13d6995a67d35e9d3e3e83b8b686fbf9bc9dec067e2

Thank you for reporting and you have our sincere condolences. We hope we catch these scammers one day… List updated :+1:

I was scammed today: 15 April 2021
Scammer: voicecpufree
My EOS account: gm3tcnrrhage
Type: Voice token claim - changed the owner of my account
Transaction ID: 2a0949cb5e3ff667e18a18a7fcc0ab5789c7153d75695171a404b9c7e97ae0ed

I believe I have been scammed last night.
I can see in bloks.io that several tokens in my account (g44dkmrzgqge) where methodically swaped for EOS in DeFi apps, and then the total EOS balance (2086.99 EOS) sent to an unknown account (g44denbwhage).
Can someone please help me understand if this was the case?
I have had problems with permissions since a few weeks ago, and now I see permissions were changed on 8 march.
Also I dont recognise the transaction with an airgrab of 5000 SOV that seems to have initiated the clean up of my account last night (early hours of 17 march in Europe)
Many thanks for your help

Hi. Yes on 8. of march you signed a transaction to use free resources from block.one. But block.one does not offer free resources and surely you were not on the block.one website. This was a scam website, which changed your keys. This means you lost the access to your account on 8. of march. Which wallet did you use? Up to date EOS wallets usually have a firewall which block this kind of transactions. Or another possibility is to double check, what transaction you are signing.

I added your case to the list. Please check on top of the post what you can do (fill police report, …)

Thank you for reporting and you have our sincere condolences. Please write here again, as soon you see someone transfer funds out from your account, so we get the account as well, where your funds went… List updated :+1:

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Thanks for your help
I use Scatter on a Brave browser, and Scatter or Anchor wallets on my linux desktop
I didnt know what I was doing…

My funds went to g44denbwhage

List updated. Thanks

I was scammed today, 1016 EOS to account vcexchangeto What an idiot. I’ve had those coins since the ICO days. Clicked on a link from Bloksio
Scammed account: gy4temrrhage
Scammer account: vcexchangeto
He deserves to die
I feel sick in my stomach, please do not click on any links or try and claim anything. If you don’t know what you are doing leave you coins in a wallet.

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Thank you for the reporting. List updated

Got scammed too(with the voice scam) and lost my account(andreix3xxxx) also by vcexchangeto transaction-id: f457695236603a2aabf21b52b5cf789c6913f7783c4d0b0198b84320b502b323 today: May 13, 2021 03:30:33 PM

Thank you for the reporting. List updated

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Scammer sets the same key-pair to all scammed accounts:
If you check https://www.bloks.io/key/PUB_K1_86VGWyV9YTotP8tuuUCz9PF6vtzbPyyR9WRQWdhCf15szHYgkB
you’ll find roughly 99 scammed accounts.

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May 25th, today.
I was scammed. They got my private key and changed it. Voice token claim.
My lost account: ha3tenjqgene
Key of scammer: EOS86VGWyV9YTotP8tuuUCz9PF6vtzbPyyR9WRQWdhCf15t5tvcke