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"linking" accounts in Anchor wallet

Hey Aaron, we’re big fans of your work. I couldn’t find any post about this feature, so I thought I’d ask. Can we use anchor wallet to help us in the following scenario?

Permission required:

account1@active - permission is admin@light

admin@light is controlled by several parties who individually meet the threshold for signing authority, including myaccount@active.

Is it possible to sign on behalf of account1@active while only having the keys to myaccount@active?

In scatter, this was possible using the “link” feature. I’d import the myaccount@active key, and then simply “link” account1@active.


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Sorry it took so long to respond, was waiting until we had our dev call so I could see where this was at.

I think you should be able to - though it might require some work on the app side to ensure the transaction works properly.

Most likely this is how it would work:

  • User would import myaccount@active into Anchor
  • User would log into some sort of app with myaccount@active
  • App would know it needs to craft transactions with account1@active
  • Anchor should prompt the user to sign the transaction with myaccount@active, despite the authority being account1@active
  • Anchor would return the signature to the app
  • If multiple signatures were required, app would have to collect signatures

This is all assuming it’s not an on-chain msig (eosio.msig) - but I think the same should be potentially true if it was.

This is all uncharted territory on our end and we haven’t tested this stuff. If you run into issues, let us know, and if there’s easy to reproduce issues you can point us to we can try to troubleshoot what’s going on.