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Let's Add Tipit io MarkStair, Ben John, and ATMOS Discussions app eos forums and alcor and bloks io and telos works and we have the ultimate governance

Ive been writing a LOT on Discussions app and my hive blog/@ackza about mixing Alcor Discussions Tipit Telos proposals and Bots on telegram that scoop up idea text blocks, on twitter discord and telegram and posts them directly to works decide smartcontract as a submitpl proposal and drafts them, adds milestones and workers as users and then if the PROPOSAL gets voted in, these Telos tokens get auto tipped over discord GITHUB telegram and TWITTER automatically sending them telos (OR EOS if eos adopts telos works.decide smart contract proposal system! )

Now you can rain telos onto people whose ideas were used when they use a hashtag that implies consent for use of their post, as a lego in a proposal, peoepl will read twitter posstr and just add new posts, chunks of images (IPFS already in SQRLwallet io Proposals upload! ) and data … from twitter … and we tip them 30 days later… imagine how happy these TWITTER users will be getting PAID from telos or eos proposals they helped CREATE… theyll LEARN to write things that people like, working to make the business easier with curation from steem / hive / golos !

Now we mix discussions which IS a replacement for twitter on eos and telos now natively! it moved hah but is on both if you want still and will have wax

anyway We can make tweets NFTS i already did many times

i turned my voice posst into atomichub and simpleassets NFTs on Alcor exchange and atomichub but we need to focus on mixing ALL of these tools so rememebr we have a DEX alcor.exchange anyone can CREATE a token and list it including currency tokens lol

We have telegram on tipit and withdraws, from telegram discord twitch and even tips to github users SO I CAN TIP ANYONE here using a github account

i made a voice post about it here before they permanently muted me for posting a certain laptop photo story from nypost lol so much for free speech! But thats why we are here now! We have so many chains under eos and to the side, from telos to wax to hive to steem to even golos and so many more, backups on backups, so much free speech.

voice com/post/@ackza/1599631294-1

Tipit showing off EOS TIPS on GITHUB to usher in an open source eosio revolution

Zachary Warren Williams

Sep 8, 2020

•2 min read

tipit io or Tipit io is showing off some INCREDIBLE new technology that makes me proud to be a Tipit telos PArtner who wrote their proposal for Telos WPS 55,000 telos back when telos was near $0 , 10 and so I helped FUND tipit for a few weeks :smiley: And we can KEEP THAT SPIRIT UP anyone can RISE UP ordinary people can become extraordinary as elon musk says

Holy Crap I knew they could do it and i was the one YUELLING for this to happy because I KNEW THIS Github EOSIO tipping for contributions to open source projects EN MASS airdropping to peopel WHO ALREAYD have lots of contributions WILL MAKE A NEW NETWORK OF DECENTRALIZED CORPORATIONS hahahahahah my head feels liek a freeeeeesbeeeee… …i knew was most important NOT facebook lol THIS IS HOW WE START THE HUMAN NETWORk of coders working for EOS and Tlos UBI

LOL that moment where you login to find dan larimers github account to send him some eos SAND and you realize you have more Github Contributions than Dan Larimer inventor of of EOS lol

wow tipit io from mark stair Ben and John got me a magic link with tx id for my github eos sand tip to dan tipit io/transaction/62798 wow so fucking futuristic im allowed to swear because Im so rich, the Demolition man shit just taxes my voice account like sandra bullock

For those of you who think “Well thats not a real transaction ID on the chain its just on tipit.io ?” but nope its all using eos telos dfuse hybrid mega chain tera floppy beach gnat verk people powered brain harnessed bloks io certified

now i just sent @dan the EOS inventor the first EOS SAND on Github! I sent him some EOS for good measure too :wink:

t me/sandiegocoin to chat or post on hive based san dapp to earn sand you can withdraw to eos app sandiegocoin org

Join tipit Chat Here t me/tipitchat

Anyway that was my voice post

I think its really important we get some convergence fo all the best of EOSIO, and i feel blessed to get to SEE all teh ways you CAN mix these smart contracts. If you mixed EOS and telos Tipit, Discussions (both are on both!) and bloks (both!) and telegram, github discord twitter (Tipit has em all! AND TWITCH!!! TWITCh should just be a Telos block producer with Newlife Grimes Starlink and ATT and YahooFinance and yahooDMail oh Ive said too much WOOPS)

When you mix the challengeyou gps eos smart contract and the telos works decide proposal smart contract and the

in the future your eosio account is yoru website … smart contracts will be teh new world wide web front ends , and browsers will be the final boss of this challenge

We now embark upon the new world of decentralized twitter and paypal and streamlabs and tesla robotaxis and TRUMP do it yourself local revolutionary software and foxnews steem engine tokens, its really here all of it

and eden OS can really use all of this eosio dpos freedom tech to become a sort of Unstoppable monster of geo-decentralized delegated proof of super computer liberty - using proof of co location, stake based crypto currency aggregate defi pools and a sort of organic farming NFT real estate hybrid super system. Ok cya in telegram!

Post your Github in a comment and Ill show you a test of how tipit io can send EOS and Telos and any eosio or telos token you ask them to list, and NFts soon! and wax! We can ALREADY Pay you IN Bitcoin (PBTC on telos) TO YOUR GITHUB account! You can withdraw it to your telos wallet and convert to eos if you wish, but you can also just use EOS on tipit! Ill send whatever token you request!

IMAGINE when we PAY people directly to their EDENOS TIPIT EOS GITHUB WALLET … yes thats real! look! tipit io/wallet say it with me, GITHUB WALLET! haha yes theres EOS on GITHUB! I imagine using a Telos Works decide contract on EOS to have MILLIONS of Github users PAID EOS to WORK FOR US on EOSIO GITHUBS directly paid for issues, comments, and pull requests and other github work, using tipitaccount eos contract which allows us to build a DECENTRALIZED FUNDING PROPOSAL system on EOS for edenOS and then…

then…we use tipit + discussions + edenOS + telos works as a DISTRIBUTED EOSIO FOR PROFIT THINK TANK that bleeds good governance lessons and software education wherever it goes …a CYBER CONGRESS in EVERY COUNTY in the USA 5000 counties each as witnesses or block producers on inter chain chains in chains. Lord of the rings.

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Yes. tipit has built great functionality as a “social wallet” to tip and pay people directly on existing social media platforms. This is done in a very simple way to bring in new users without having to first learn the complexities of blockchain, EOS and account creation.
tipit supports over 70 tokens on EOS, Telos and WAX (new) blockchains on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Github and tipit.io.
Thanks Ackza!

Thanks hah sorry for late reply. Anyway you could ask someone in the edenos telegram if I could get unbanned? I had issues in the past and would type too much and got banned for what they thought was spam maybe but I need to just make sure I’m signed up

Can you get me an invite link? I need to try the wombat social app sections new featured dapp called violet garden that only uses eos I need to see how that works… I need to help build the new scotbot style inflation based social reward pool with curves and curation and beneficiary rewards and upvotes that pay tokens you claim 7 days later paying any ram or cpu like an airgrab which you can just allow to stack up… use telos proposals for a reward pool with voting done on a stripped down telos works telos decide contract for posting non document non set oayoit proposals that show up as social media posts and get oaid out in 7 days instead of 30…rebuild steem reward pool into eos/telos/wax and have the eos side use an eos roken sale and ads and eos proposal system funds and the wax side use nfts and have a system where you post nfts and buy the posts with staking rewards on wax voted to expand inflation for social media upvotes almost like tips …I get excited thinking of building this with all the pieces from edenos to telos to pomelo to old discussions app and tipit and hive engine all working together to rebuild what we were supposed to get with voice…a site that lets you login with anchor … or wombat… and post and get paid in liquid and staked eos with curation and author rewards and also get paid in eos ram and pbtc and another token used for staking and governance and sets so your own custom tokens and allow many old tokens to be reformatted with inflation or allocate a pool and transfer/airgrab claim distribute based reward pools