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Ledger Nano on Anchor Android app?

I setup an Anchor wallet for a WAX account and used the Anchor desktop app to configure a Ledger Nano using its EOS app with the wallet for verifications. I never got a private key or mnemonic key words or QR code to print out. I think the Ledger should effectively work in lieu of all that (and so far it has). I’ve backed up my wallet. But say I don’t have access to a laptop or it dies and I want to perform verification actions through the Anchor app on my Android. I’m trying to add my Anchor wallet on the app. In the various menu options I always get stuck on the screens asking for my QR code or keywords or private key. The furthest I get is it recognizes my WAX username. But see no option to load my wallet backup or use my Ledger in lieu of the private key. Is support for this feature being worked on?

Further, say I lose my wallet backup file and only have my Ledger left. Can I still recover my Anchor wallet whether it be on the phone and/or desktop apps? How?

Yup, that’s correct. The Ledger device itself has the private key embedded within it, and Anchor will just make requests to the device to sign transactions. If you have your Ledger Seed Words, that’s all you’d need to restore your Ledger device to use those same keys.

Currently, the only version of Anchor that supports Ledger devices is the desktop version. Neither the iOS or Android versions of Anchor have that feature. It’s something we have talked about but never had the time to implement.

Yep! I think I covered that a bit above. If all you have is your Ledger device, you’d be able to:

  • Install Anchor on any computer.
  • Connect the Ledger device to the computer.
  • Setup Anchor to use the account (via “Import Account(s)”, then “Import Existing Account”, then “Load from Ledger”).

You’d have complete access to it again then.

You could try this on a second computer now, and then end up having 2 computers both with Anchor controlling the same account (via the Ledger).

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